Friday, January 13, 2012

31 Days of Nothing - Week 2

Time for the Friday check-in of how we did this week.

After our nice day of working out in the yard and getting some projects done around the house that didn't cost anything last week, my husband came back down with the same cold/virus we've been fighting for about two months. His turned into a sinus infection and cost a trip to the doctor and prescriptions:
$25.00 Co-pay
$39.00 Prescriptions

My youngest son is now sick again, so I expect he'll be costing us another co-pay and meds any day now.
What is going on? Why can't we get rid of this thing?

The next couple of days a couple of expenses popped up that I hadn't thought about, I don't really pay much attention to because they are auto-pays so I don't have to worry about making the payments. They are subscriptions to things like my webspace and a couple of online RPGs for the boys that were given as birthday gifts. So, none that I really want to cancel.

What I need to do is learn how to Blog for Money. I know a lot of people do it, and apparently make pretty good money at it.  I know about signing up to be an Affiliate and putting ads on your blog, but I'm not much sure about the rest of it: pay-per-click, tweeting, facebooking, Blogher, and so on.

$21.14 total Online expenses

My total for groceries this week was $17.51:
~ $11.25 Ingles  for (3) loaves of bread, jug of milk, (2) bananas, bag of corn chips, and (2) cans snuff
~ $2.98 buying Sure-jell to make blackberry jelly when my freezer went out (still no one has taste tested it yet to know if it's even any good or not)
~ $3.28 Ingles, another jug of milk

Filled up my car with gas $42.01.

Received $21.00 rebate from a True Value hardware deal I did a couple of months ago.

Total expenses (other than bills) this week $123.66
I figure I saved about $50 bucks this week (maybe more, including gas) by using this little trick: Not going shopping. 

We got the painters drop cloths dyed a couple of days ago; they came out more of a chocolate-ice-cream brown than the milk-chocolate-candy-bar brown I was going for, but I thought I would hang them and look at them for a few days before I decided if I wanted to dye them darker or not. This lighter brown may be just fine.  
So I was ready to go get my clip-hook-hangers and curtain rods.

And while I was out (doubling up on errands!) a local(ish) grocery store, Food Lion, is having a big Store Brand sale this week and I can stock up on some things cheap. 

But not that many things, really, to make a 30 mile drive (one way) worth it.  Then we figured out J wasn't getting a paycheck from the ambulance service last week (didn't work any shifts the week before Christmas, then we went out of town the week of Christmas)(He won't get one from the Urgent Care next week, either), I decided the curtains can wait. 

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