Saturday, October 4, 2014

Little Scary Dude Halloween Decoration

To make a mini-trick-or-treater, you need a child's old or outgrown t-shirt, long-sleeve shirt with a hood, and pants.

I made this (sometime prior to 2006) when my youngest son was still small and used some of his old clothes. If you don't have any little ones, check thrift stores, yard sales, or ask a friend or family member is they have any old or unused clothes they will give you.

Attach the t-shirt to the pants at the waists. You can sew it with needle and thread, or use safety pins.

For the head, I cut two pieces of white material into a circle shape with a "neck" extended down and sewed them together and stuffed with fiber-fill, then attached the "neck" to the neck of the t-shirt.

Alternatively, you could stuff the hood with a plastic bag stuffed with more plastic bags or newspapers.

Dress the clothes in a child's Halloween costume, approximately the same size as the clothing you used to make it.

Attach the mask to the "head" with the elastic piece, and cover the "head" and mask edges with the hood.

Until today, my Little Scary Dude just didn't have any eyes. I found some eyeball-ping-pong balls at the Dollar Tree the other day that I bought for another project, but then decided to try a couple of them for LSD.
They slid right in behind the eye holes and are held in by the "head" and mask. I didn't glue them, but you could if you prefer.

Also, my little dude is still shoeless.
I had planned all those years ago to safety pin some little old sneakers to the bottom edge of the jeans, but I guess I had packed him away before I got any shoes and just never did it.

No one seems to even notice it's (footless).

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