Monday, October 27, 2014

More Thrift Store Shopping

I had to run an errand but told myself I needed to lay off the Thrift store(s) for a bit, until I could get rid of some things around here before I kept bringing more in.

 (For those that don't know, I'm very nearly a Hoarder and have been working on trying to get out from under all the clutter around here. So, when I bring stuff in, stuff has to go. I've gotten a little behind in the "go" lately.)

I did well avoiding most of the Thrift stores I passed (within the vicinity of), until the last one.
I hadn't been in it in awhile and - I can't remember all the other justifications I gave myself at the time - but anyway, I stopped in.

Found these Vintage Blow Mold plastic lighted Jack-O-Lanterns for 50¢ each.

I hung them in my front, kitchen windows. (The Jack to the right is 2-faced, so he looks both in and out at the same time.) (I take terrible pictures, but they look awesome!)

This teeny, tiny Nativity ornament was 25¢. (The pen is for size reference.)
They had several other, larger Nativity sets, around $3.00 to $5.00, but unfortunately I couldn't bring them all home with me. 

This is a dark, navy blue (not purple, as it appears on my screen) New-With-Tags dress in my size. Not sure what the material it's made of is called...not Velvet...Velour, maybe? It's fuzzy-feeling and soft.

It originally retailed for $44.00. It was marked $7.00 in the Thrift store, then eventually put on the $1.00 rack, where I found it.

$1.00!!  Paired with some silver-toned Bling will make for a nice Christmas-y look. 

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