Sunday, October 26, 2014

Thrift Store Shopping

A couple of weeks back I visited a thrift store and found this pile of "Christmas trash".

Vintage plastic/flocked/kitschy Christmas ornaments to use in some future Retro Christmas crafts. 
A couple of the pieces are broken, but I'm sure I can use them in a way that hides the break.
Anyway, only the one light colored deer is really broken. I can glue the elf back together, and the rest of the stuff is whole. 

Thursday is 50% off shoe day at this particular store, and I found these boots for $1.75.

When I had first visited this thrift store and found the above "Christmas trash", I had asked how much for it and the lady said that usually ornaments are 25¢ each and up, but since the stuff I had was broken and kindly shabby looking, I could get it for $1.00.  She bagged it up for me while I continued shopping.

On another shelf not near the shelf where I found the other ornaments was some more of the flocked deer ornaments, not broken, and I passed them up because I didn't want to pay 25¢ each for them.

I knew I had made a mistake before we even left the store, but I kept talking myself out of going back for them...because I didn't need more stuff, because I didn't need to spend more money, because, because, because.

I regretted not getting them and wanted to go back for them, but then we went on a Fall Family outing up to Chattanooga, and I ended up catching a bad cold and didn't go anywhere for over a week.

A couple of days ago I was finally able to get back to the store, and of course, the deer were long gone.

I hate when that happens because then afterwards I end up buying everything I'm even remotely interested in for fear I'll regret it later if I don't.

On account of that, I ended up buying a Santa salt or pepper shaker, 2 plastic spin-face toys, and some sort of sporting sling thing I probably really didn't need or want.

I was happy to get a pair of the house shoes I wear constantly for 75¢, and a snow blanket for $1.00.

I was glad to find a couple of small Nativity sets that I was looking for to go with my Putz/Glitter house projects.  One set was $2.50, the other 50¢, along with a small plastic angel for 10¢.

I had bought a 6-piece Nativity set at Michael's to go with this Nativity Putz I'm working on, and it wasn't enough. The figures are so tiny they don't take up much space. But I figured I'd never ever find any others figures the same size, so I was surprised (more like amazed and astounded) when the $2.50 set ended up matching with the size of the ones I already had. 

I made my Nativity based on the vintage Shiny Brite Nativities from the (1960's?). I remember my Great-Grandmother had one (along with Orange Slice candy in a glass bowl on her coffee table).

Via Pinterest
Even after using a couple of the figures from the $2.50 set, there are still enough left to make another Nativity Putz house, so that was great. Like getting 2-for-1.

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