Thursday, October 2, 2014

Putz/Glitter House - Log Cabin Christmas House

For my next Putz/Glitter house project, I decided I wanted to make a log cabin with a tin roof.

I found a pattern for a house I liked - which is actually a spooky Halloween train station - at Little Glitter Houses.

I knew I needed corrugated cardboard for the siding, but my attempts to extract it from the cardboard boxes around here just made a mess. I finally searched the question and learned that people were able to separate the cardboard/corrugated by wetting them.
Smaller pieces I held under the kitchen sink faucet and worked the pieces apart, larger pieces I put in the bathtub to soak a part. Then I hung the pieces out on my clothesline to dry.

I started out trying to make the house out of a piece of cardboard with one of the cardboard sides still attached to the backside of the corrugated, but it didn't work out too well for me.

So I scrapped that idea and built the house using cereal box cardboard,

Then cut a single layer of corrugated to fit and glued it on.

I used single layer corrugated turned sideways for the tin roof.

I added trim pieces on the corners, an extra chimney, and turned the covered train station platform into a front porch by adding a small base and posts.

I base painted the entire house white, then used Nutmeg Brown for the siding, and...I had bought Pewter Grey for the roof, but it was too dark so I added white to lighten it. I probably could have mixed white and black and got the same results.

The chimneys are Flaminco Red, and I dry-sponged some Barn Red across the roof for a rusted look.

My kid insisted it needed snow. I didn't want to have to go buy some snow-blanket, but luckily I had some plain white felt in my craft stash. I just cut and carved some random snow-falls.

Not sure why I added my embellishments before glittering....guess I got excited, when I had an idea, I wanted to do it right then.

Closer up of the "vintage aluminum Christmas tree with German glass globes" on the front porch.
Silver-tinsel pipe cleaners I found at the Dollar Tree, and a jar of pink glass beads that say "Made in Germany" I had in my craft stash. 


FloRose said...

LOVE IT! It's so cute and all the details make it a very special Putz house!

Melissa said...