Friday, July 8, 2011

Food Lion

This weeks' Meat deal:
I got just over 6lbs of ground beef:
$5.61 *mark down* $11.23
$5.83 *mark down* $8.31
Beef Country Ribs: $4.61 *mark down* $6.59
Chicken Breast Tenderloins:
$2.73 *on sale 1.99lb* $5.88
$2.39 *on sale 1.99lb* $5.15
Total Cost: $21.17
Reg. Price $37.16
Savings $15.99

$3.99 BOGO Tostitos
*No q, but this is the best price I've seen. They were 2/$6 at Publix, $2.75 at Kroger, and $3.00 at Target

2/$6.00 Tostitos Dip
-1.00 tearpad q
= $2.00
*Impulse buy! The coupon for $1.00 Dip wyb (1) Tostitos was hanging there, and the dip was on sale - nevermind I didn't even need any dip or salsa - it sucked me in! Thank goodness I didn't buy two!

$0.99 Lettuce
*No q, but this is the cheapest price of the stores in my area.

$0.51 Bananas (.54lb)
*No q

4/$5.00 ($1.25) Marcal Toilet Paper 4-roll (on sale thru 9/13)
-1.00 6/19 RP
= .25 each
*Forgot to check, but heard paper towels are 5/$5, or $1.00 each, so those would be free. I have plenty of PTs, I need TP.

The Big Blue Machine gave me several coupons, but in particular, one for .50 off Sun Drop and one for $1.50 off Vlasic Pickles.
The cheapest Vlasic was $1.59 for Sweet Relish, so .09 after coupon.
The Sun Drop is on sale for $1.00, so it was .50 after coupon; hard to turn down .50 2ltr.

*I got a couple more catalina coupons from Kroger: .50/2 Sun Drop 2ltr. and .60/1 Sun Drop 2ltr. The .50/2 will double at my Food Lion to 1.00, making (2) more .50 each.  The .60 will also double, but maybe only to $1.00 making it free; not sure if I'd get the .20 overage.

$28.35 + 1.09 tax = $27.26 cost


Cheap&Sweet said...

Great deal on the tp, is it any good? I looked on ebay for coupons and they were high!

Melissa said...

I like it okay. Similar to Angel Soft, with little hearts "quilted" into it.
I've heard others complain it's too rough, but I guess my hiney ain't that sensitive, lol.