Friday, July 15, 2011

Puttin' Up

Got the first of the tomaters canned today; 11 pints, for some delishous chili and veggie soup this Fall and Winter!


starbucksgirl said...

That stuff looks pretty amazing. Wish we were neighbors. LOL.

Melissa said...

Thanks, Kelly.

I know I can get grocery-store canned tomatoes for practically pennies with coupon/deal shopping, but there is just something so satisfying about raising and preserving your own food.

I would absolutely share if you were closer, but you know you could grow veggies, it doesn't have to be a big yard-garden.

starbucksgirl said...

I have a few tomato plants but very little time to can right now with two small children. Maybe in a few years when I can go to the bathroom by myself. LOL.

Melissa said...

Yeh, that's what I meant. I figured if you were interested or had the time or inclination or room for a large garden and the whole preserving thing, you probably would have already been doing it.

Alot of people I talk to say they can't have a garden because the don't have enough room for one, or time for one or whatever. These same people will have porch full of houseplants, and flower beds around their yard. I'm like, plant a tomato plant instead. Or a corn plant, or a cuke or squash vine.

Sounds like you already know you can raise some fresh veggies without having to do the whole big garden thing, so that's good.

Avery Q. Poner said...

Wow! Thats looks good.

Avery Q. Poner said...

I would love to have a garten like yours.

Avery Q. Poner said...

One question? You don't get snake in your garten do you? Im scare of snakes.

Melissa said...


I am absolutely terrified of snakes.
I know that people have seen snakes in their gardens, but if I ever saw one in ours I would probably refuse to go back in it.

My husband keeps the yard cut and weeds cut down because I heard that can cut down on snake problems.
I also heard cats keep snake and mouse populations under control and there are a few stray cats running around here. I put leftovers and scraps out to encourage them to hang around.

We had a mouse sneak in a few months ago, but inside kitty killed it. So far, knock on wood, I haven't ran across any snakes around here.