Friday, July 8, 2011

Thrift Store Shopping

During my travels today, I stopped into a couple of Thrift stores looking for a white dress shirt for my son (you would think a plain white dress shirt would be easy to find, but it's not!).

Anyway I saw where a Discount (Salvage) Grocery store had opened in the same shopping center, so went in to check it out.  Before I discovered couponing (the right way), I used to shop alot at salvage/discount grocery stores. Dented cans bother me not.
The only reason I stopped was because, using overage and profit, I can actually get most of my food for even less than at these salvage stores.

First thing when I walk in the door, the lady at the register hollers "Free yogurt today! Take a whole case!"

Well, I didn't feel right taking free yogurt and not buying anything, so I looked around and found some things that I don't usually get using coupons, and were a good price: the refried beans and sliced pears were .50, the cherry pie filling was .39, the chick-n-dumplin were .99, the Beenie-weenies .35, and the Shortbread pie shells .49 each. 

My total cost was $5.25.
I lost my receipt, so don't know how much of that was tax. (I guess I could add it up if I was really worried about it.)

When I put my things on the counter and went for the yogurt, she said "Get all you want!" so since there was cherry and blueberry, I got one of each.
I told her I would have gotten two more, but didn't want to seem greedy. She said "Get 'em!" So I got two more cases, one of each kind.
Apparently the big deal is that some of them expired yesterday, and some today. No big deal to me, I know things don't *magically* go bad on The Expiration Date, but are still good for awhile longer. Between us, my Mom, my son's gf, J's cousins and his partner at work, these will be scarfed down pretty fast.

They are called something like Fage Unbelievably Thick Yogurt, or something like that. I thought I heard people say Fage was good yogurt.

On down the road I passed a sign that read "The Attic Everything is Free". I'm not sure what kind of store it was, but who cares, everything was free! Why didn't I turn around and go back?! What kind of deal shopper just passes right on by a sign that says everything is free, I ask ya?!


Alicia said...

Awesome find on the yogurt! It is a great brand: nutritious, delicious and wonderful in smoothies, fruit dips, etc. I'm jealous, especially since I'm not in the LOD and my yo-plus was a lot more expensive :)

Melissa said...

Thanks, Alicia. I don't like yogurt myself, but everyone I've shared it with seems to like it. It comes with fruit stuff in a seperate little section beside the yogurt.

Yeah I always say I don't what I'm going to do when we move to Fla one day, it'll kill me to shop at stores that won't double my coupons.

starbucksgirl said...

SUPER jealous of the FREE Fage yogurt. That is my favorite brand of yogurt. The kind with the honey is amazing. I can't believe you got that much free yogurt. I'm trying really hard not to turn green with envy. LOL. My husband used to work at a salvage grocery store in the Dallas area. He used to bring me out of date yogurt all the time. It should last for several months past the expiration date so long as it hasn't been opened. Great find!

starbucksgirl said...

Melissa, do you remember this article from my old blog?

Melissa said...

Now that you point it out, Kelly, I thought I had remembered someone posting a blog post about how good Fage was, just couldn't remember the who or where or what it said, other than it was delish :-)

It was one of those cosmically flukey things that almost never happens to me; I almost didn't even go to that end of the shopping center.

starbucksgirl said...

My husband just reminded me that Greek yogurt doesn't last as long (past the date) as regular yogurt. You might have to eat it within the next month. Just keep it really, really cold and you should be good. Have a great day girl!

Melissa said...

Ah, okay, thanks or letting me know.
It shouldn't be a problem, we have alot of people to share with. I'll just be sure to do the sharing a little faster than my usual get-around-to-it speed, lol.

Melissa said...

...thanks *for*...