Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Puttin' Up

Did 10 more pints of tomatoes, and 10 quarts and a pint of cucumber-pickles.

Sorry for the non-posting, I haven't been feeling well, dealing with some depression issues, which I usually only have to deal with in the winter, but apparently I'm experiencing some hormonal things related to *The Change*. Everything except the hot flashes, which I was looking forward to.


Cheap&Sweet said...

I want pickles!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

Come 'n get 'em!

starbucksgirl said...

Be thankful that you don't have hot flashes. My word, they are seriously crazy. It's like sitting in front of a blazing campfire in the middle of summer but you can't get away from the fire.

I will pray for you Melissa. Hope you feel better soon sweet friend.

Melissa said...

Thanks, Kelly.

I'd love to feel like that campfire thing. I've just been so cold for so long.

I seriously love the hot.
My a/c thermostat at home stays set on 80*, but I still have to wear jogging pants and fuzzy socks and a light jacket in here. I have to go outside to get warm.
I'm still using my little ceramic heater under my desk, and I still wrap up in my Snuggli blanket.
I never take my electric blanket off my bed and sometimes I have to turn it on to warm up the bed when my husbands not home.

I rinse/wash dishes using straight hot water. My shower/bath water has to be hot enough to turn my skin red.

Sometimes I like to get in the car and just sit and feel the baking sensation.

I'm not hardly able to even enjoy our swimming pool because I have to wait until mid-late afternoon to get in it, when the outside temps are up near 100*. By which time the afternoon t-storm clouds are building up, so the sun keeps going away. I shiver like it's wintertime when the sun goes behind a cloud.

I was hoping, with hot flashes, maybe I'd finally be comfortable.

starbucksgirl said...

Melissa, why are you so cold all the time? Have you always been like that your whole life?

I would take being cold any day to having hot flashes. At least you can bundle up and try to get warm. You can't cool off when you have hot flashes. There is nothing that you can do but sweat profusely. I have terrible night sweats where I'm drenched all night long. It's crazy.

Melissa said...

Don't know, Kelly. I've always been cold-natured, but seems like it's getting worse with age.

Physiologically there doesn't seem to be a cause for it. I've had Anemia at times, but not so much to explain it.

The familys' theories are, either not enough meat on my bones, or that the Devil threw me out of my natural habitat.
(The way I've been acting lately, the second theory could be likely.)
lol, j/k

Melissa said...

I went to a Bridal shower Saturday and all the ladies were fanning themselves and red-faced and complaining how hot it was the whole time.

I was comfortable.

My husband said if I was comfortable, then it was hot in there.

My Mom and her sisters were always hot-natured even before menopause. So was my Granny, and my youngest son is like them, sweats at 65*.