Saturday, July 16, 2011

Roses Project

If my Roses Project works out, I will have four new Heirloom Rose Bushes without having spent a cent.

My Aunt gave me these cuttings from the bush growing in her yard, that was originally a cutting my Grandmother propagated from the bush growing in my husband's Grandmother's yard.

I save most glass bottles and jars because they are so re-usable, and the Starbucks drinks bottles are excellent bud/cuttings vases.

I started with 25 cuttings, but only 4 survived (which is actually a good number for me - better than my last attempt).

Using Compost soil we made ourselves (ok, credit to the worms and nature), I transplanted them into plastic pots my husband saved after doing a landscape project for someone awhile back.
(Lacking pots, cutting the bottom out of a 2-ltr soda bottle and poking some holes in it also makes a good, cheap flower container.)

Speaking of Compost...remember my Aloe plant?
It had babies!  Three so far, with a little baby fourth one just peeping up.
I need to do some research on what to do to get them their own homes, because I know so little about Aloe plants.

Moral of the story is, you don't have to pay to buy plants and flowers from Walmart or Home Depot.
Ask people you know - or even people you don't know - for cuttings of plants and flowers from their yards.
If you see a plant/flower you like out in public, like along a nature trail or in a park, you can carefully nip off a bit for yourself without damaging the plant.

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