Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I'm not sure what made me take a look at the Publix ad this (past) week; I hadn't really planned to, since I had so much other stuff going on, but I'm glad I did. 

I had been waiting on a good - or even halfway decent - A-1 sale again.  It was one of those special times when the stars aligned right and there was a Target Q to go along with the MQ (that actually expired on 7/03 that I didn't notice, but they took them anyway).

$4.14 BOGO ($2.07 each)
-1.00 MQ 6/05 SS x 2
-1.00 TQ x 2
= .14/2

I had also been waiting on the Curly's BBQ to go on BOGO again. I used to be able to get it BOGO and use a coupon, but hadn't seen any coupons in quite a little while, so I was to the point I was willing to just buy it at BOGO price.  Lucky for me, some nice person posted a link to a $1.00 mq at the Curly's site in the comments of Southern Savers. (Some of those ppl seriously get on my nerves, but sometimes it's still worth taking the time to read the comments.)
PS, reading hours worth of comments taught me more about coupon shopping than most of Coupon 101's.
The IPq is expiring 7/20, so I went ahead and stocked up alot more than I usually would have while I could get them at $1.85/1.84 each.

$5.69 BOGO ($2.85/$2.84 each)
-1.00 IP q x 2
= $3.69/2, or $1.85/1.84 each

I pretty much paid for the BBQ with the Band-aids.
$0.79 Travel size Band-aids
-   .75 Publix Green Flyer q
-1.00 (.50 doubled) 6/12 RP
= .96 overage each

The vitamins gave me a little overage; they probably weren't worth it after tax, I'd usually only get these if I was trying to reach a certain dollar amount for whatever reason, but mostly I got them today to just have more items/coupons in my buggy/stack. (I wanted to have more items so all the bandaids didn't look so conspicuous.)
$3.59 B6 50mg x 2
-6.00/2 Publix Green Flyer q
-1.00 MQ 6/12 RP x 2
= .82 overage/2

The Oscar Meyer Cracker Combos were on sale 10/$10, or $1.00 each, so Free after $1.00 mq 5/15 SS.

Then, sometimes, just for the heck of it, If I have the q's, I'll do some *Dollar-or-Less* shopping.

2/$3.00 (1.50 each) Autry House Chicken Breader
-1.00 (.50 doubled) 5/01 SS
= .50 each

$1.19 Kikkoman Soy Sauce bottle
$  .75 Publix half-dozen eggs
-  .55 Kikkoman Bottle (they had some Kikkoman dry-mix envelopes for cheaper, but my q's specifically said "bottle")
-  .55 off Eggs wyb Kikkoman product (this q beeped because both are coded for Kikkoman. One cashier said I had to get 2 bottles to be able to use both q's, but her CS person said I didn't, the other q was for eggs. YMMV)
 = .84 for small bottles of Kikkoman and 6 eggs

Some Rubbermaid items were 50% off; the Quart Beverage container was the cheapest at $1.59, but we (my son was shopping with me) decided we'd get more use out of the Chug bottle, which was only .30 more.
$3.79 reg price
-1.90 50% sale
-1.00 MQ 6/26 RP
= .89

Publix 2ltr. soda was on sale for .50 each.
I hardly ever luck up on Coke or Pepsi hangtags or q's, so this is about as good a deal as I'll ever get, and I was down to one can of Coke at home, so I stocked up a bit.

The Fritos were on sale 2/$4.00, or $2.00 each, which is a pretty decent sale on those. I have been able to get them for $1.88 on sale at Rite Aid, but that was in the good 'ol days of RA shopping, which I haven't had in awhile.

Grand total (2 stores/shops combined):
$14.54 + 4.00 tax = $18.54 cost
Spent $5.08 from $50 Mastercard gift card from Hotel deal
Spent $8.31 from Publix gift card from previus deals
Spent $4.43 cash
$176.70 saved

*Checking back over my receipts, I see the Autry House Chicken Breader rang up $2.39 instead of $1.50; IDK if I got the wrong item, or it rang up wrong. Probably wrong item, IIRC the first box of breader I found was on the wrong place on the shelf.
I also see the cashier at the 2nd store missed one of my $1.00 Sundown MQs during the whole need-an-override thing.
So I overpaid a total of $2.78 than intended.

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