Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Melissa Loves Coupons

There is a Blog I follow that I really like, but for some reason have neglected to add a link to my blog list. I reckon, since I follow and see the posts in my Dashboard, I just didn't think about it not being on the front page.

The blog is called Melissa Loves Coupons/$aving A Dime A Day. (It's not me!)
 She posts some good deals and ideas, freebies and samples, and just all kinds of neat and interesting stuff.

Her latest article was about saving your change.
I can absolutely attest to this.

I am not a good saver :-( 
But years and years ago I got into the habit of saving my change. (And my husband's change, and anyone else's change I could find/get my hands on, lol)

I have a glass Cranapple bottle (yeah, it's been *that* long) that I used a screwdriver and hammer to cut a slot into the lid to make a homemade bank.
I clean out my change purse, all but a couple of quarters for emergency from my car's ashtray, got my husband trained to empty his change into the bottle, and pick up almost any change I see laying on the ground (except face-down pennies).
I don't spend change, either. Cashier asks, "You got .12 cents?", I say, "Nope, take it out of this dollar." Because if I gave her .12 cents, then I'd still spend the dollar, so I'd be out $1.12, instead of having .88 cents to put in my bank.

Up until just recently, when my bottle got full, instead of rolling the change I'd sort it out by value into those reproduction antique decorative tins I've got junking up the place around here. It was my funny-to-me little secret; everyone else just thought they were dust collectors, lol.

Because I'm a terrible saver otherwise, there have been a couple of instances over the past several years when I've had to roll change to pay bills or an unexpected expense.I can only recall four times I had to dip into my change-savings, and can't recall the first three amounts, but I know the last time I did, a couple of years ago, I deposited $900.00 into our checking account.
Wow, that's nearly a thousand dollars! in change! 

I like the idea of saving change for a reason, other than saving it for emergency like I do.
Melissa at Melissa Loves Coupons posted that she saves for school supplies.
My cousin told us she had bought a bedroom suite for her guestroom with change she'd saved. *Much* better than charging it and having to pay interest.
We remember Grannie telling us how she put a down payment on the first house they ever owned with "Franklin dimes" (as opposed to the winged Liberty dimes she was used to).

Anyway, check out Melissa's blog if you want to.


MelisalovesCOUPONS said...

Thanks so much for the shout out!I

Melissa said...

Oh well you're so welcome. I really enjoy reading your posts.