Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Big Shopping Day

Peeps, all I can tell you is, if a store has a (free) Rewards program, join it!

I've been a Shop Your Way rewards member with Sears/Kmart for a few years.
Around this time of the year, it seems they like to start giving away money.

Several days ago I got an email telling me to Click to see how many Surprise Points they'd given me.
I got lucky, lucky and got the $20.00 reward!

I found this Charlie Brown Christmas Tree on sale for $10.12 (it's even less now).
I've been wanting one of these for a long time, but was always too cheap to buy one. I had planned to just cut a scraggly pine and make my own, but hadn't gotten around to it yet. Now I don't have to.

I found this Mario throw blanket for $14.88, so I only paid $4.88 for it.
It's going to make a great Christmas gift for my oldest son.

Not long after that, within just a day or two it seems, they had given me another $10.00, and another $4.00 in Surprise Points.

I have been needing another small room heater, so put $10 towards that and paid about $21.00.
Seems like a lot, but if I hadn't gotten it with $10 off, I'd have ended up paying about $35.00 or more full price for one at Walmart. 

With the $4.00 Surprise Points, I bought this cute Mason Jar wax melt/warmer.

It plugs into an electrical socket like a nightlight, and heats wax or liquid smelly stuff in the cap.

It was $7.19, so I paid $3.19.

But I liked it so much - and probably as Sears/Kmart intended to happen - I went back and bought several more to give to as Christmas gifts to my Mom and some of my Aunts and cousins.
My Mom's (and her sisters') Family name is Mason, so that's what makes it so awesome.

I drove to Kmart today to pick up the Mason jar warmers. The Charlie Brown tree and the blanket are being delivered to Sears and hadn't arrived yet.

This evening I logged on to my Shop Your Way account to check on the status of my order(s), and saw they had given me another $15.00 Surprise Points at Kmart, and another $10.00 Surprise Points at Sears!

I bought (2) curtain rods with the $10.00. They were $5.99 each, total of $11.98, but I had earned some points from buying the heater and mason jar warmers, so I paid the difference with those.

With the $15.00 Points I bought (2) curtain panels (can you believe they sell curtains as a single panel, rather than a set these days?! What a rip off!). They were $8.90 each, a total of $17.80. Again, I paid the difference with Points I had earned.

Last time we went to buy the boys' some shoes - we always go to the Mall shoes stores, where the shoes are priced Buy One, Get One Half Off - I signed up with Rack Room Shoes new Rewards program.

The other day they sent me a Birthday present in my email. $10.00!
I bought me (2) pair of knee-high socks, and some spiral, no-lace, shoes laces. Spent 51¢.

I had also received a coupon in the mail from JCPenney for $10.00 off a $10.00 (or more) purchase.

I had been wanting some tension curtain rods for the kitchen windows, and found them on clearance for $3.99 each at Penney's!

After my $10 off coupon, I only paid $2.11!

Also pictured is my free paper towels from CVS, and my super, awesome, great day surprise find!
Okay, it wasn't that awesome, but I had been wanting a witches cauldron candy bowl, and I found one at CVS, priced only 49¢. Sweet!

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