Sunday, November 23, 2014


It's also the First Half of Black Friday Sale Week at Walgreens, and they have a good many items for Free or very cheap. It's a good, good time for stocking up if you use any of these items. (Or trying new things.)

I don't use most of the items on sale this first part of the week.
I did go in for the Scope because I had the coupon that made it free after Register Reward,
and the razor deal I ended up paying about 49¢ each for the packages. Can't hardly beat 49¢ for razors!
And Angel Soft 9 Big Roll TP is on sale for $2.99, which is just a good price.

Total Spent $12.63 oop
Got back 6,000 Balance Rewards points ($6.00)

Total Cost $6.63

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