Monday, November 17, 2014

Thrift Store Shopping Again

My kid is a bad influence on me.
 (Hey, kids blame parents for everything, it works both ways! LOL)

The Garage Sale thrift store had another 50% off everything sale this morning. It was rainy and windy and nasty outside, and I tried to talk myself out of going, but.... As you see, it didn't work too well.

The cast iron pan was $2.50, and everything else was 50¢ each.

I love little lamps. It's a newish thing, so I don't have very many lamps, but I think these three will do nicely.  I didn't know if they worked but was willing to gamble on it for 50¢, because you can get lamp kits at Hobby Lobby for a few bucks and make an old/broken lamp new again.
However, turned out all of these worked great!

The shade was separate and also 50¢, but it went perfectly with that lamp. I had said I could spray paint or cover it, but I kinda think it looks fine as it is.

Also got this little Santa lamp with shade that I'll use on my mantel when I decorate it for Christmas, 50¢.
(Is it just me, or does it maybe need a larger shade?)

This 2-foot red tinsel tree with go great with my silver and turquoise trees. It's missing 2 of it's legs, but I can get my husband to fabricate some, or figure out some other way of keeping it standing, 50¢.

I love these wood hangers, too. I have one hanging on the back porch and another in the carport. This one may go in the mudroom, or maybe laundry room. They're great for hanging jackets and outwear, hats, grill utensils, gardening tools, coffee cups, and all sorts of things, 50¢.

After the Garage Sale thrift store, I needed to go by the bank, which is just down the street from the Goodwill. Decided to stop in and see what was new while we were there.

I had been looking for a new (to me) pair of white Keds sneakers for awhile, and my patience finally paid off.

Don't worry, I won't wear them until after next Easter.  Just don't hesitate to buy things in the off-seasons if it means saving money.

I also found (2) silver bowls - not sure if vintage or not, probably not, but they had a tarnished patina that would have looked great filled with some of my antique glass Christmas ball ornaments - a wooden apple sign, and (2) packs of miniature Christmas figures that I could have used with my Putz/Glitter houses, that I was able to talk myself out of bringing home with me.

I already have other bowls that look nice filled with my antique Christmas ball ornaments, the wooden sign was just basically useless, and I also already have some miniature things to use to decorate my Putz/Glitter houses - which, by the way, I haven't even made any more of lately.

It also probably helped that the things were more than 50¢, lol. I get spoiled getting things for free or so cheap that I hate to pay even full thrift store price. 

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