Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sam's Club Membership Deal and Garage Sale Store

I'd been waiting for this Sam's membership deal to come back around on Living Social, and finally it did.

I paid the $45 membership cost, but then when we went to get our cards, they gave me a $20.00 gift card to spend in Sam's or Walmart, plus 4 free food coupons that included a free rotisserre chicken, spinach & artichoke dip, 2-pack french bread, and a box of cookies.

I figure after the gift card and free food, I paid maybe $5 bucks for the membership. Which I like a lot better than $45. I'm too cheap to pay that much, especially no more than I use it. I generally get better deals watching the sales and using coupons.

I had actually bought the Sam's deal a couple of days before Halloween, but the nearest store is a half-hour away and I hadn't had any other reason to go down there....I hate to spend the gas going to just one place, when I can wait and combine several errands.

Then my oldest son who lives down there texted to tell me the Garage Sale store he found was having a great sale. I hadn't known about the store before he told me. It's like a thrift store, but calls itself a Garage sale for whatever reason. Make people think they are cheaper, I guess.
There's another thrift store in the same town that calls itself the Endless Yardsale, so I guess it's supposed to be a marketing thing.

Anyway, the sale was everything was half off, and fill a bag of books for 50¢ and fill a bag of clothes for $1.00.

As I'm currently having a huge issue with myself trying to sort through and get rid of a bunch of books (books are like precious jewels to me, I have a terrible time letting them go), anyway, I wouldn't even look at the books at the place.

Also, the clothes were just piles and piles. I hate clothes shopping. Bad enough when they're hanging up where I can see them, see the size tags...there's pretty much no way, no how I'm going to sort through a head-high pile of clothing trying to find something.

Otherwise, they had a lot of pretty good/interesting stuff. One whole room full was priced at $1.00, so everything was 50¢ with the sale.
I wanted to bring home a whole lot more than I did.
(I was trying to be good and not buy so much, and there was my son reminding me about "those reindeer". Ugh. He's like the Devil on my shoulder!)

Everything pictured above was 50¢ each.

I found a doll for next Halloween's Creepy Altered Doll project, a Troll figure with which to try this project (if that link becomes broken, the project is to remove the Troll's hair and plant a small Succulent in it's headspace).
A baggie of wooden Christmas ornaments to use with future Putz/Glitter house projects.
An Avon bottle Winnebago motorhome, and an enamel Ladies' room sign.

Oddly enough, it's the 2nd enamel Ladies' room sign I own. I never really thought I'd end up collecting enamel Ladies' room signs. 

The box of Autumn decor was also only 50¢ for all, and contained all kinds of lovely treasures.
Most of which were a surprise to me; for 50¢ for all, I hardly glanced at it in the store and into my basket it went.I didn't even know what all was in the box until I got it home and sorted it out.

The leaves thing is a yard flag. There was a birdhouse, a salt or pepper shaker, a pumpkin cup, a scarecrow shelf sitter, wooden carved angel with tin wings, an Autumn flower-pick thing, a ceramic pumpkin, a metal pumpkin with a hook on the back - not sure what this is/was - a berry wreath, and a scarecrow/window decor.

Not pictured was a tomato stake my husband bought.
I spent a total of $3.50 for everything.

But that's not all!

They had ALL the Halloween things for FREEEEEEE!

I got (2) pumpkin and a spider leaf-bag, package of Dracula treat bags, brand new in the package size Adult XL Hippie costume, brand new child's size 10-12 Gangster costume, Jack-o-lantern candle holder, Welcome Witches and Ghouls metal hanging sign, black Spiderman mask, fingerless studded leather gloves, red glitter glasses, red squined mask, foam Jack-o-lantern craft kit, and a purple glitter witches' hat.

Nope, I didn't grab everything they had just because it was free.
My son had a basket as full or fuller than I did, and there was still more left.
I tried to limit myself to a few craft and decor things, and the costume items to go with my costume collection. There was still 2 tubs of costume(s) items I left like Ninjas and the faceless hooded capes and I can't remember what all.
My husband grabbed up the leaf bags.

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