Sunday, November 9, 2014

CVS, Cheap Coffee and Chocolate

We were out of town over the weekend so I'm a bit late posting this from last week's deals.

Last week, one day we were in Sam's Club and my husband was looking at the K-cups coffee, since he had just opened his last box of the ones he had at home.

They weren't too badly priced, right about 48¢, 49¢ per cup if I remember rightly.
I try to keep my Buy Price 50¢ or less per cup, which is cheaper than McDonald's or the gas station he sometimes buys a cup of joe.

But he'd just opened the box at home, so I said let me see if I can't find a better deal. If I can't, I'll know I can come back to Sam's and buy some more before he runs out.

Sure enough, right after that, I saw a deal at CVS. The Folger's K-cups were $5.99, and get $4.00 ECB wyb spend $12.00 (or 98% of $12.00).
I bought (2) boxes for a total of $11.98.
Used (2) $1.50/1 printable coupon (may no longer be available)
(I would have) paid $8.98, and got back $4.00 ECB, making my final cost $4.98, or 20¢ per cup.

As it turned out, I got lucky and got a $5/$15 CVS coupon in my email.

I bought 2 bags of Hershey Kisses at 2/$6, get $3.00 ECB, for a final cost of 2/$3.00.

$5.99 Folger's
$5.99 Folger's
$3.00 Hershey's
$3.00 Hershey's
= 17.98
- 1.50 Folgers
- 1.50 Folgers
-$5/$15 CVS coupon
- $3.00 ECB
= $6.98 (plus tax)

Received $4.00 ECB Folgers, $3.00 ECB Hershey's.

Final cost was basically the $3.00 ECB I spent (ECB and Rewards are basically the same as Money), plus tax.

$3.00, divided by 4 items, equals 75¢ per item.
75¢ divided by 12 K-cups, equals about 6¢ per cup.

I'd say I got quite a bit better deal!

I've checked this and next week's CVS early ads at I heart CVS (they also have the Black Friday ad if you're interested in starting to get ready for it ahead of time).
I didn't really see any deals I was very interested in. There were some that might have been good if I had the coupons, but since I do more coupon printing than buying papers, I lose out on a good many of the drug store deals.

Anyway, CVS is giving away a free roll of paper towels this week.
Scan your card at the Big Red Machine in the store for the coupon making them free.

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