Friday, November 28, 2014

Free Christmas Tree

Have you heard of Freecycle?

A lot of times people have things they no longer want for whatever reason, but don't have the time or inclination to sell it, or don't want to throw it in the garbage.

You can sign up with your local Freecycle group and post the item(s) and someone who needs or wants the item(s) will take it and get some use out of it.

Earlier this year, someone posted this artificial Christmas tree, they no longer wanted because the lights didn't work.

We put our own lights on it and decorations and it's perfect.
(I know it needs some more decorations. I hadn't planned on putting up a tree yesterday and didn't get them all out.)

There are also local Facebook Freebie groups you can join to give stuff away, or find things you need. Just search for keywords such as your city or county name, and free or freebie, etc.

Also, Craigslist has a Free section you can post items, and often find things you might be looking for.

You can get a lot of free things in practically perfect condition...people just get tired of their things and want to get rid of them and buy new stuff.

But some things won't be in new, clean or great condition. People don't want to bother with cleaning or fixing the things. This can be a great opportunity to get some nice things, all you need to be willing to do is put some effort into cleaning or repairing the item(s).

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