Sunday, January 4, 2015

CVS, Kroger

Even during a no-spend challenge, you need things.

Though I didn't actually really need most of the things I bought right now, I know I will need them eventually, so I needed to go ahead and buy them while I could get a good deal.
If I didn't buy them now, I'd end up spending more to get them later, which would negate whatever I saved by not spending this month.

These purchases will count as my Grocery/Household budget.


Kroger is having a Buy 5/Get $5 off Mega sale.

$1.99 Pebbles cereal (Mega sale price)
When you buy 5 boxes (or more, so only buy 5 at a time), you get a Catalina coupon for $3.00 OYNO (off your next order).
Makes these large boxes of cereal $1.39 each.

I typically try to spend $1.00 or less for cereal, but these are big boxes, plus Post cereal doesn't have great cereal sales that often. Honestly, I would have paid $1.99 each for these. Just glad I didn't have to!

99¢ Clorox Toilet bowl cleaner (Mega sale price)
- 75¢
= 24¢ each  (24 CENTS EACH!!)

50¢ Tabasco Sauce (Mega sale price)
- 50¢
= Free

$2.79 Tropicana OJ (Mega sale price)
(No coupons, but cheaper than I usually pay for 100%, not from concentrate OJ)

$1.00 Ragu (non-Mega)
- .75/2 RP 1/04
= 63¢ each

$2.99 Milk (non-Mega)

Total $21.42 + tax


Phooey, I mest up at CVS this morning :(
I overlooked one of my $5.00 ECBs, so ended up spending more ca$h than I'd planned.
But oh well. Stuff happens.
I still have the ECB, will use it in the future, so I reckon it'll all come out in the wash.

According to the Sunday Coupon Insert Preview, this week there should/could have been (4) inserts: (2) Smart Source, and (2) Red Plum.
Where I shopped today is outside the Metro area and tends to get different coupons than the Metro area paper.
A couple of weeks ago, that difference did me good. I got a nice coupon the Metro paper didn't. Today, not so much.

The AJC paper only had (3) inserts in it (I checked them all, they all only had 3). The local paper had (4) inserts, but they were very thin and more ads than coupons.
I bought one of each, hoping between the two I ended up with some decent coupons.

Neither had the big $10/3 Bayer, Aleve, Alka-seltzer, etc. coupon that could have earned me overage at Publix.

$4.50 (2) Sunday papers

$1.00 Campbell's Noodle soup
- 50¢ CRT Red machine in CVS, scan your card
= 50¢

$15.61 CVS Brand Products (Flushable Wipes, Bandaids, Tussin DM, Peppermint candies)

- $5/$15 CVS Coupon
- $1.50 ECB- Quarterly spending reward
- $5.00 ECB

Total $9.11
Received $5.00 ECB (wyb $15 CVS Brand products)

Total cost $4.11 + tax

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