Friday, January 9, 2015


My Kmart/Sears Shop Your Way  rewards program gave me $4.00 worth of Surprise Points the other day.

Not needing anything, I went looking for something as close to $4.00 as I could find, so I'd get it Free after Points.

I found a nice, brown, cloth - not vinyl - tablecloth on clearance for $2.99.

It takes me a little bit to find something sometimes, and in the meantime I saw the plastic tote bins on sale for $5.00 ($4.50 SYW Member price).

That's the cheapest I've seen these since about August School Starting Back days, so I decided I'd grab a few. I got (2) of the green and (2) of the blue ones, for a total of $18.00.

I'm not sure why I didn't just delete the tablecloth that I didn't really need at that point and use my Points off the bins.
Oh well, it was only $2.99. Great price for cloth tablecloths anyway. 

$18.00 (4) Storage totes
$2.99 Tablecloth

- $7.73 Points I already had
- $4.00 Surprise Points
- $3.72 left on my Gift Card
- $6.19 Paypal

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