Saturday, January 3, 2015

No Spend January, Week 1

Week one was only actually 3 days, so it's been a pretty easy week to not spend, lol.

I didn't spend anything, and I sold an item I had listed on ebay that, after fees, netted me $17.06.

When I posted my "Starting" sums, I forgot the approx. $200.00 I had in my Paypal account!
Which is awesome because if we need anything for our kitchen remodeling project I can use my Paypal to pay in store at Home Depot.
I can also use it at Dollar General, which is just up the road from here, and is cheap on some things.

PS, when I posted 3 days ago I had 1,727 Swagbucks.
Today I have 1,843, just from letting my Swagbucks TV run on my Kindle Fire, a couple of internet searches, and watching a couple of ads.
That's an equivalent of four (4) $5.00 Amazon gift cards, or three (3) $5.00 CVS or other store gift cards.
For free!

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