Saturday, January 10, 2015

No Spend January: Week 2

For this 2nd week of No-spend January:

I sold (2) items on ebay that netted me $21.92.

Spent $33.35 (groceries/stockpile)
Spent $5.25 (drug store/coupon shopping)
Spent $3.18 (Lunch out for son after Dr. appt.)
Spent $1.00 (Free Wendy's Frosty w/ purchase all year Keychain)

Spent $6.99 Hiline Coffee K-cups (made it 29¢ a cup) from Paypal
Spent $6.19 Kmart, Storage Totes from Paypal
(Zero'd out of Points and Gift Card for Kmart/Sears)

Had 2,110 Swagbucks
Cashed in 950 for a $5.00 CVS gift card and a $5.00 Amazon gift card

Earned $101.18 in credit card rewards through my bank.
Applied $100.00 to credit card bill.
(That's a "free" $100.00 we wouldn't have had if we'd still been only using our debit card, like we did for years and years and years and years before I decided to break down and apply for the credit card. I've had big trouble with credit cards in the past - strictly my own fault - and thought it better to just resist temptation. But since I started the coupon/deal/frugal shopping/living, I've gotten a lot better, more in control of the money, so hopefully that won't happen again.
Now we use the charge card for purchasing, the same as we used to use the debit card, then I pay the balance when we get paid every two weeks. So no spending/charging more than we have in the checking account. And paying the full amount, not carrying a balance, means paying no interest.)

$103.00 in Christmas Savings fund (+$55.00, last 10 weeks)
$50.00 "Sink" fund (for property taxes/insurance)
$50.00 Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps #1: Emergency Fund 

For those who are wondering, no, my husband isn't really participating in the No-spend challenge.
Not that he's not participating, he just works 2 jobs, has the house and cars to take care of, helping his brothers/family, dealing with his Dad's being ill and in the nursing home, to have to worry about watching and pinching every penny. 

I just don't count his spending against my challenge.
He falls under regular household expenses, for example:
Mortgage payment(s),
Car insurance,
Cell phones/Internet,
(Husband's) Expenses

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