Saturday, January 24, 2015

January No Spend: Week 4

I had a fairly frugal week this week.

Sunday I bought (3) papers for the coupon inserts. I went to the $1.50 paper sellers, so I saved $1.00 per paper. And, I used a roll of dimes to pay for them, so no money from the Budget.

I spent more of the dimes at CVS paying the cash part ($1.84) of the deal, even though it ended up being free (ish) in the end.

At Target I spent $11.44 from gift cards I already had.

At Publix I spent $31.71 stocking up on cereal, and that was my total grocery purchase for the week.

I sold items on ebay that netted me $26.57.

I was lazy with my Swagbucks earnings this week (and really, that's pretty sad because all it involves is turning on my kindle and running the app, then going on about my business), so I only have 641 SBs.
Enough for (1) $5.00 Amazon gift card, though.
I'm up to a total of $30.00 worth of Amazon gift cards, and $10.00 CVS gift cards (that I need to remember to print and take with me next time!)

$202.00 in Christmas Savings fund (+$55.00, last 10 weeks)
$100.00 "Sink" fund (for property taxes/insurance)
$100.00 Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps #1: Emergency Fund 

We had a couple really nice weather days earlier in the week, which we took advantage of one of the days to get some more work done on the chicken coop we've been trying to build for awhile.
We're - so far - building it completely out of re-used building materials, so it takes some time while we get some free wood here, free this here, free that there.

We also finished tearing the rest of the kitchen ceiling out.
What a mess. Spent the following two days pulling nails out of the ceiling, and cleaning everything up.  What a mess. 

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