Saturday, January 17, 2015

No Spend January: Week 3

Starting out this week, I bought one Sunday newspaper at $2.50.

I had planned a CVS chopping trip, where I would buy (5) newspapers, plus the free after rewards Gas Relief, plus the Garnier (free after reward wyb 5 with the $2.00 coupon in Sunday's paper).
I needed a total of $40 to use my $10 off $40 coupon.
The Gas relief and Garnier would have been free after coupon/rewards, so the $10 off would have made my papers cost $2.50.

However, first of all, it was a gamble that I'd find (5) papers w/ coupons at one store.
It was also a gamble that the coupon would even be in our papers.
And then, I'd have been spending about $15.00 (+ a crapload of tax on $40.00) in cash, to get $15.00 worth of ECBs back.

It was a good deal, and it wasn't a good deal at the same time.
In the end, I decided to skip it. I didn't really need shampoo or Gas relief.

When my kid went to Walmart later I asked him to pick me up a couple of papers - but to make sure to check them for both coupon inserts before buying!!!  Good thing I told him that. He only found one single paper out of two stacks that hadn't had the Red Plum stolen out of it.

Idiot(s). Don't they realize Karma will bite them in the butt for that? 
No, of course not. People never think anything that goes wrong is their own fault.


Later on I was looking through the Popular, Everything, and Home Decor boards on Pinterest, and this picture popped up:


It's a remodel of a 1930's bathroom, and looks a lot like my bathroom(s)/home era.
I have arched doorways like that coming out of the livingroom downstairs, and off the (future) den upstairs.
I said, I totally need those arches in my bathrooms.

I searched (Swagbucks) to see just how hard it would be to create arches, and found out that I could buy arch kits for about $20 bucks a piece.

Well, I was all over that. Bought 2 sets and some arch-flex corner bead stuff for the sheetrock, for just over $50 bucks.
Only $50 bucks to be able to have those cool arches in both my bathrooms. (I already have sheetrock upstairs from other projects.) As expensive as everything usually is, that amazes me.

I paid for it from my Paypal account, so I'm still counting it as a No-spend item.

Otherwise, I spent on groceries:
$4.00 (give or take) at Walmart for 2 gals of Milk (priced matched $1.99 at Kroger)(I keep forgetting I have a Walmart gift card.)
$32.05 at Sam's Club (stocked up on 5lbs of shredded cheddar cheese, 72ct sliced Kraft cheese, and box of 30 corndogs, which will last us a few months)
$37.65 at my local Grocery store (about 9lbs of ground beef at $2.99lb, about 3lbs of ground pork at $1.99lb, which will last us about a month, and a box fudgecicle ice cream bars)

And $10.00 at a local Food Pantry.
It's a Church sponsored program, that gets bulk food items donated, which they in turn give out to poor and needy Citizens.
Or, you can donate $10.00 and get 2 brown paper bags to fill from the selection of food items.

It's not a typical grocery store, they have what they have, and a lot of it was snacky items.

Still, I think I got $10 worth with the buns, grapes, potatoes, carrots, sweet potato fries, dried beans, and rice, plus a jar of peanut butter, can of of Sloppy Joe sauce, can of blackeyed peas, box of gluten free pancake mix and a big box of Cream-of-wheat.

There was also a bottle of Canada Dry ginger ale, 2 bottles water, 2 bottles Starbucks drinks, can of tomato sauce, jar of garlic chili sauce, bottle of teryaki marinade, bag of Vegetable soup mix, box of Little Debbie cookies, bottle of pancake syrup (sugar-free, has artificial sweeteners, we won't use it), 24-pack of Quaker Chewy granola bars, 2 rolls of toilet paper, and lots of candy and chips.

I also got a spray bottle of 70SPF Sunscreen that us redheads will get good use out of, and a bottle of non-DEET insect repellant spray which will come in handy this Spring/Summer here in Mosquito Country.

So yeah, definitely got my $10 worth, but that said, they said I could get my 2 bags free if I volunteer, so I plan to check on doing that. I don't really do anything else, and I like to help (sometimes). 

I had 1,417 Swagbucks, and cashed in 450 sb's for a $5.00 Amazon gift card, and 500 sb's for a $5.00 CVS card.

I sold (5) items on ebay that netted me $23.69.

$153.00 in Christmas Savings fund (+$55.00, last 10 weeks)
$75.00 "Sink" fund (for property taxes/insurance)
$75.00 Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps #1: Emergency Fund 

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