Sunday, January 18, 2015

CVS, Publix

Today I headed East instead of North to do my shopping.
Found the paper seller guy out and paid $1.50 each for my (3) newspapers (total savings of $3.00).

Then headed to CVS to get free deodorant.

2/$8.00.....Get $6.00 ECB when you buy $12.00 (worth).
Buy (3)
- $4.00 BOGO Coupon from 1/18 SS
- $2.00
Pay $6.00 + tax

I used a $5.00 ECB
paid $1.00 + .84 tax = $1.84

Received $6.00 ECB
Makes it free. (Ish. Because, tax, but we usually don't count tax.)

Next we stopped in at Target to look for some decorative cutting shears.

I'm trying to make some Putz houses this year to maybe sell around Christmas, and the fencing was giving me troubles. I don't make very good/neat fences. So I looked around on the internet and saw another Putz house maker used decorative shears to make hers.  What a good idea!

They had a 2-pack for nearly $4.00, and this 10-pack for just over $10.00 which seemed like the better deal to me. More variety.

Total with tax was $11.44. Paid with gift cards I already had.

Next we stopped in to Publix to stock up on some more cereal.

My boys love these cereals, but they don't go on sale that often.

The price is $2.99 BOGO, or $1.49-$1.50 each.
I didn't have coupons, but even the small Aldi brand box of their version of Golden Crisp/Honey Smacks cost $1.99, so this was great stock up price.

 I bought 20 boxes, plus a bottle of chocolate milk for my son that was driving me around today.

Total $31.09 + .62 tax = $31.71

I think we might be good on cereal for a couple of months, lol.

(Pardon the ceiling, we're remodeling.)

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