Saturday, January 31, 2015

No-Spend January: Week 5

Last week of No-spend January.

(4) Newspapers $6.00 (used rolled coins)

Dollar Tree, $3.09 (used rolled coins)

Aldi, $11.38

Walmart, Groceries & Craft Paint, Used $20.00 Gift Card (free from my Coke Rewards)
and paid $11.38

Wendy's Frosty & Fries $2.97
Frosty Jr. Keychain $1.00 (roll of dimes I forgot I had in my purse)

$0.00 eBay sales :(

I think I did pretty good, overall. Although we probably could have eaten more from the pantry/freezer than we did.

My total grocery bill this month was $171.52 (avg. $42.88/week).
About 3/4 of that was stockpile/bulk items that will last the next few months.
Stocking up on items at their lowest prices is what helps keep my grocery bill down the most, things I'm not having to buy at full price later.

Otherwise, this month, wasn't that great as far as not spending.
A large homeowners insurance bill due.
A not huge, but not small either medical bill. 
There were a good many unexpected expenses like a doubled electric bill, car repairs, twice or triple as much gas cost on account of my husband's father being ill and having to go into a Home nearly an hour from here.

My husband says I jinxed us with this "No spend" month thing.
I hate to say it, but it does seem like it. 

I don't plan on my spending habits to change very much into the next month, but I don't think I'll be calling it "No spend February"!

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