Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Today is Tuesday, but believe it or not I went looking for Sunday papers today. Sortof. There's a store down where my Mom lives that has a free Hispanic paper, and they have coupon inserts in them. I was down there Sunday, but we had the trailer hooked up to the car and I didn't want to have to try to get it through and around the parking lot.
Wish I had, though, because all those papers were gone today.

The CVS I stopped in on the way back home had some Sunday papers left, though, so I was able to buy them with ECBs.

The milk and sandwich baggies were fillers I needed to bring the amount of items up to the total of ECBs I had to spend after coupons.

The Right Guards were $2.49, get $2.99 ECB, limit 2. I had an IP MQ for $3.00/2, so I think I made about a $2.00 profit on that.

The Kotex U were $4.99, free after $4.99 ECB, limit 1. I had a $1.00 MQ from an insert, and a $1.00 CVS IPQ from the CVS site, so another $2.00 profit.

The Stayfree are a monthly deal, Buy 1 get $2.00 ECB, limit 5. They cost $3.79, and I had $2.00 MQ from an insert, so about a $0.21 profit, but mostly I was looking to be able roll ECBs, so that was a good deal for that.


Cheap&Sweet said...

About time you posted! lol I think I have an addition to your blog! Im glad I saw your stayfree I have some of those coupons I think ill use them their. Speaking of..

I bought 15 packs of carefree at kroger I saw that it was free so I ordered some coupons and come to find out that they were .13¢ after coupon. I hate that! I dont even have a period. But I bought them anyway For phone points, every hundred I spend I get 20 min on my phone.

Still dont know if that was a good deal or not lol

But I did see that their socks was on clearance I bought 6 pk of fruit of the loom for $2.99

christa said...

I have a question. I love your site, have followed you for about a year now. And I love the expense tracking you do. My question is how do you keep track of it all what system do you use. I am thinking of keeping track myself, thought it would be fun although I imagine it may become tedious at times. But I will try.

Melissa said...

Be a good deal if you could sell all those Stayfree on Craigslist for about $1.00 each, Paige.

Christa, I don't have any real system. After shopping, I make my post about it, using the receipt(s) from the shop.
After I make the post, I edit to add in the amount before coupons to the total value, and add or subtract any profit or cost, how much cash it cost me; and then I go down to the bottom and put in the totals in the individaul store catergories.
When I get a rebate check or gift card I note that down.

I'm pretty sure the amounts aren't dead on right, but I figure like shopping, it's a trade off. Sometimes I may overfigure, sometimes under. And eventually I realized I wasn't noting my Target shops, duh.

I'm also running behind lately, having not added in my past several shops. I have them scratched on scraps paper on my desk, but just haven't got around to adding them yet.