Monday, May 17, 2010


Attention: Free Cat Food Deal in Land of Doubles:
The Whiskas Trays are .49 each regular price.
In the 3/28 RP is a BOGO coupon.
Buy (2), and when the cashier enters .49 for the price, since it is below .50, the amount will double, making both trays FREE!!
*At my Publix today there was a Blinkie hanging right there for .55/3 trays Whiskas, so I bought (6), got them all free with the BOGO coupons, and also got .55 overage.
(Deal found at IHeartPublix)
I needed some things from the store this week (Burritos and Nesquik and ground beef), so all I needed was some things to get me up to $20.00 amount so I could use a Rite Aid $5/$20 coupon. I actually went up over $40.00 on the first shop.

The crazy lady cussing herself another blue streak was me when I realized I was carrying RA q's that had expired 4/30. Argh! That's totally like wasting 5 bucks!!

In the end I spent $4.03 on my first transaction. Not bad for a nearly $5.00 thing of Nesquik, nearly $4.00 package of Burritos, plus cat food, lightbulbs, Ritz Pretzel crackers, Fisher snacks, a carb bar, and sardines...but still not as great as being able to use the 5-off'er, either. That's what happens when you get out of shape!

The 2nd trans I hadn't even planned on doing. I had decided after last time to boycott the Publix with the Evil Manager, but I still needed ground beef, and didn't want to pay for it, and last time this store did still accept Walgreens RRs. I had a $5.00 RR, and with the other overage I got, I was able to buy (3) packages of ground beef.
Total spent on trans 2 was $0.45!!

Besides the cat food deal, which I got .55 overage for every (3) trays, other deals were:
$0.80 McCormick Grill Mates Marinades
-1.00 (.50 MQ doubled) 4/18 RP
= +.20 overage each
(I found some on clearance for .70 at one store)

$2.15 GE Reveal 10 watt bulbs
-1.00 MQ 4/18 SS
-2.00 TQ
= +.85 overage each

$1.00 Fisher Snacks
-1.00 MQ 2/7 SS, 2/28 SS, 1/10 SS, 12/13 SS, 12/06 SS
= FREE (Good for getting total up to $20 if you can use a $5/$20 Rite Aid Q)

$1.55/1.54 Ritz Crackers
-1.00 MQ 3/28 or 3/14 SS
-1.55 B3G1 TQ
= .63/4

They also have Ronzoni Pasta on sale .79, but I fergot my Food Lion envie, which is where I had stuck my Ronzoni blinkie q's during their last sale.
Those are .50, so will double to 1.00, for .21 overage.

No Schick Hydro in stock.


christa said...

My publix use to take the 5/20 but sadly no more.
Glad that some stores are taking them!

Melissa said...

Keep checking back, Christa, because this store got a new Manager and he started taking them. I guess he had to do something to get the customers back that the old %&*#$! Manager ran off with his hateful ways.