Wednesday, May 5, 2010


As usual I needed milk & bread. I used a save $1.00 off milk wyb SL bread coupon.

The only deal I did was the Hallmark, buy (8) get a $5 RR deal.
Last week I had managed to find (8) of the .29 In Memory insert cards, but this week they only had (4) of those. The next cheapest cards I could find were .89, but I figured it up and was still coming out a little ahead so decided to go ahead. As I was digging through some .89 cards, I happened across (2) .49 cards mixed in with those. So I scoured the rest of the card sections best as I could, but no luck, so I ended up having to get (2) .89 cards.
My final total was $3.92 for the cards, and I got back a $5.00 RR.

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