Monday, May 17, 2010


The only deal I felt like messing with this week was the Free-After-RR Gillette and/or Old Spice Body Wash.

I had a stack of RRs to spend, so I got alot of what I needed - milk and the only loaf of bread they had.

The Royal jello is .19 each this week, and I have a blinkie coupon I've had for a long time so don't remember where or when for $1.00/5. Since it was ring-up price, not price after in-ad q, and the total came up less than $1.00, I figured it would beep, so I went and got a 6th box, and paid $0.14 for all (6). Coupon beeped anyway; they just manually entered it, like the other Wags say they "can't" do.

The crackers, tuna, and package of popcorn was fillers for either I had more RR amount to spend, or for number of items to coupons ratio.

I did the Body Wash deal (6) times. One of the times I got Gillette Body Wash and used a BOGO MQ (from 5/02 PG, I think), and also a $4/2 MQ (same insert, I think). I didn't get papers that week, my son son had got one and gave me his coupons, so that was the only ones I had, unfortunately.

Otherwise I got Old Spice kind, using a BOGO q, so I got (2) for free after RR.
I only got 1 RR per transaction, even though I got 2 body washes, because you can only get 1 RR per transaction. Since it was free after RR anyway, getting one of them BOGO seemed like the same thing.

I used one of my new $4.50 RRs to buy the stuff I found on clearance; a nice tool set marked down to $2.49 (I am always needing a hammer or screwdriver or pliers in here but can never find one without going out to the workshop and trying to dig around, so these will be MY tools, anybody touching them will draw back a nub), a yellow rope marked down to $1.12, and a thing of Krazy Glue for $0.94.

I am left with $22.50 RRs for the next sale.

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