Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I had some more items on my shopping list at both Publix and Walgreens, but they required coupons from this/past weekends paper, and since I didn't find those until last, as I was headed home, so this is all I got.

The coupons gave me $1.35 overage on the Hidden Valley; the Egg Beaters after coupon was $1.32, so I got a .33 clearance package of Ramen noodles. I wasn't at my usual Publix and didn't want the register to beep for going $.03 into the tax.
Spent $0.56 from Gift Card.


Cheap&Sweet said...

lol @ the .33¢ pack of noodles Makes me wonder how much they were before clearence! lol

Melissa said...

Now that you mention it, weren't those regularly like .13 cents at some point, like not that long ago?

PS, sorry for the delay in posting the comments. I usually keep them unmoderated, and the blog sends me a notice if I got a comment so I know to come answer it.
But one day sometime I had to turn on moderation so I could delete some Spam and forgot to turn it back off, and for some reason it didn't send me any emails to tell me I had comments needing moderation.