Monday, May 31, 2010


Wags has several Free-After-RR deals this week, good for rolling RRs if you don't have any other choice. The Ecotrin had a coupon to make it a mm, but I didn't have it, and anyway, there weren't any in stock, which I figured there wouldn't be. You pretty much have to be there first thing Sunday morning to get the FARR items.

I was going for the Free-after-coupon-and-RR U Kotex items, and the Pieces candies.

$3.49 U Kotex
-1.00 IP MQ
-2.50 RR

$5.00/2 Pieces Candy
$5.00/2 Pieces Candy
-4.00 insert MQ (1.00 x 4)
-5.00 RR
= $1.00 or $0.25 per bag

The foil was a .59 filler, and the Jello was 5/$1 or 0.20 each.

Haven't done my figures yet, but it was about a $2.00 loss in RRs, and approx. $3.00 cash.
Since I didn't need a bit of this stuff, not that great a deal.

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Cheap&Sweet said...

My husband really liked the email you sent me. He said he could not do it. lol

At least you have PMS took care of. LOL