Saturday, June 5, 2010


The Cokes were on sale for 4/$13 w/ $3 ECB, so actually 4/$10, which is the same price as Walmart's $5.00 24-pack.
The second four packs I bought I got even cheaper because I used a $5/$15 CRT that had printed at the bottom of my receipt. The $3 ECB didn't print the second time, but when I said I should have gotten one, the guy printed me off one manually. Later I realized it was a Limit 1 ECB deal. Duh.

The Cokes are actually next week's sale, so if you're looking for a decent price on them, you can still get them. And cheaper if you get any $/$$ coupons.

The rest of the stuff was free after coupons and/or ECBs, only tax, which I guess is a good deal for those razors my black-bearded hubby will use.

Oh and I thuptidly forgot to use my Ban coupon the second time, so I paid $1.00 for it. Blah.

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