Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rite Aid, CVS

This shop was from yesterday, Friday. I managed to get it right.

Total $0.70 + $1.26 tax = $1.96 from gift card
Rec'd $4.00 +UP

Today, I lost my mind again. Or...something...?
I had this mousepad ready to pick up, and I had another Blink coupon I wanted to use to get $2.00 overage after SCR.

First off, I planned to use my 2nd Wellness card on Sale items that don't get the 20% anyway, to build up my points on it. Well, I forgot and used my 1st card, that gives me 20% everyday.
But I was buying Blink that was on sale, and it didn't even cross my mind that it would take 20% off the mousepad!
So, I ended up about .50 in the hole before I could use the $5/$20 coupon.
Beside the register they had Ramen noodles for $0.12 so I grabbed four of those.

It went over $20.00 then, and she scanned the coupons, but then it got back down below $2.00, when I still had a $2.00 Blink coupon to use, so I grabbed a .77 pack of gum and another two packs of Ramen.
It was still under $2.00 after that, so I had to get another pack of Ramen.
Had I figured right, I probably could have gotten something more useful than a pack of gum and seven packs of Ramen noodles. But oh well, the kids will use all that.

Total $0.00 + .05 tax = $0.05 cash
SCR: $7.99 Blink = $7.95 profit

One last Rite Aid shop before the week end. I did good this time and remembered to count my 20% off the extras I was buying.

Everything went smoothly...until I didn't get my $4.00 +UP CRT. She didn't know why...Sorry. So I guess I have to call CS and ask how I'm supposed to get it now. PITA!

Total $0.26 + .76 tax = $1.02 gift card
Rec'd NOTHING = $4.00 in the hole I guess.

CVS Shop

Found out I had $8.00 ECBs expired 2 days ago, so I checked tomorrow's sale, and last weeks, and figured out a plan to get exactly what I needed to roll in ECBs.
The Rolaids was last week's deal; the Old Spice and Hydro were next weeks deals.
I needed Fritos and was lucky to find them on sale for $1.99.

After coupons, everything came to $8.94, and I had $8.00 ECBs.

The stupid punk said he couldn't take expired ECBs. Since I know he can because I specifically went to a store where I know I've been able to use them a few days expired, I know he just didn't want to mess with typing them in.
So I had to give him an un-expired ECB, and now I don't have $8.00 worth of deals to roll the expired ones on, so I'll end up just having to spend/waste at least part of them tomorrow.

I could still do the Gillette/Old Spice deal because next weeks deal didn't take, it still gave me last weeks deal, the sale price $3.00. I showed him the paper where it was supposed to be next week's deal, $4.00 and get $4.00 ECB. He didn't want to mess with refunding, reringing, etc, so he just printed me a $3.00 ECB manually. So I still got them free, and it didn't count toward my deal this week.

Maybe I can look again and find another deal to roll $4.00. I would rather had been done and not have to worry about it, though.

Spent $8.00 ECB
Total $0.94 + 1.41 tax = $2.35 oop

Rec'd $4.00 Rolaids, $4.00 Schick, $3.00 Old Spice = +$0.65 profit

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