Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Out of Town

Hello Readers!

I am in Wrightsville Beach/Wilmington NC this week. (Only took me 3 days to find the free wi-fi, lol)

This place is great....or would be, had I brought my coupons, like I was going to before I talked myself out of it.  They have a Food Lion like every three miles.
They also have Harris Teeters and Lowe's....but no Publix.

I did bring my Motrin coupons, so we've making trips to Rite Aid for the $3.00 mm on that.  There are apparently NO couponers here because every Rite Aid I've gone in has had a good supply of the Motrins! At $12.00 profit (minus $0.23 tax each time) so far.

If you're at all interested in my trip, you can check my Family Travel blog; linked in the right side menu.

Later, Taters, TTFN


Earthy Mama said...

Aw MAN! And HT is doing Super doubles too. A few good deals, not a ton.

Hope you're having a relaxing vaca!

Cheap&Sweet said...

hope your having a good time!

Melissa said...

Oh I saw that Brandy. I was already feeling queasy everytime we passed one of the multitudes of Food Lions...I had to keep telling myself it wouldn't be a good idea to stock up on cheese and eggs while away on vacay...but then the other day we went into HT for a loafa bread (because NO Rite Aids up there sell bread like mine here do) and I saw they were having the SDs and I was just sick.

I was able to pick up several coupons from the Penguin thing; Kraft and I can't remember the otherns, and some Produce wyb Kraft Salad Dressing. The tearpads were full. They apparently have NO couponers up there at all.

I didn't even get finished spending my Motrin coupons. I don't know how many of those suckers I started out with. Sometimes my son wishes he had a pocket where everytime he reached in, he pulled out $100.00 bill...well, it was like that. I kept spending coupons, but the stack never went down. I think there's still like 7 coupons, and I must have bought a dozen or near to.
I'm probably gonna be sorry I didn't get out and finish them off...there won't be any left around here, no doubt.

But then, maybe there'll be another sale somewhere I wish I had them...like the Rite MM next week. I finished off my JF $3.00/1 q's at Publix last week, figuring I wouldn't have anywhere to spend them before they expired. blah.

Thanks, Paige. I'll let you know in a few days or weeks if I had a good time (it always takes me some time after returning from a vacation before I only remember the good times, and forget my gripes, lol).