Saturday, June 5, 2010


I finally got ahold of a couple of Ecotrin coupons I'd hoped to do some money-making with, hoping they'd restocked by now, no such luck.

I was carrying around a scenario I had C&P'd from somewhere, one day, I don't remember, about Nature Bounty Vitamins. I knew they were BOGO, $4.99 and up, but I couldn't find any $4.99 vitamins. I knew the scenario I was carrying was for $7.99 vitamins, but I only had $3.00 NB coupons, not $5.00, so didn't think it would work for me.
I looked at it anyway, and - duh - it was for the C&D3 Vitamins, and there's a $2.00 IVC coupon in the June booklet. On two bottles that doubled to $4.00.
So I did have a total of $10.00 coupons, minus $7.99 for vits, left me $2.01 overage to buy my loafa bread.

Bread was only $1.79, so I got me a pack of gum, too. Gum was $1.29...I could have found something more cheaper but I'd rather spend a little more and get something I wanted and will use, than another piece of junk I wouldn't.

I spent $0.00 RRs - got none either - but my bread and gum cost me $1.72 oop. (Except I'm using the $35 Visa I earned from Rite Aid, so it's not really costing me anything)

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