Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Game at Walgreens

(Copied from post at SD)
There is a game with the purchase of the Reece's cups that are the employees suggestive sell item of the month.

If you purchase 3 in a transaction, you have a chance of winning WAGs giftcards! I won a $25 one last night. If you purchase multiples of 3 in a transaction..you actually get multiple plays...the contest play comes out of the Catalina....if you don't win, you get a .25 coupon on a bag of candy... wimpy consolation prize for sure.

so...help those cashiers out and possibly win some for yourself.

It runs through 7/31
The Reese's will be $.49 the week of the 11th.



Quentella said...


Thanks for the info! I'll definitely be buying some candy when it goes on sale.

Melissa said...

Thanks, but unfortunately I wasn't the winner :-( I just copied the post from a message board. Wish it was me, though.