Sunday, June 27, 2010


Walgreens was a total disaster for me today. I rolled out of bed a little after 7am and made it to the store when they were opening the doors.
For my first deal, I was buying the socks, Flexitol, blistex, and dentynes. And maybe something else I can't remember.

First off, she rang up the Flexitol like three times, then she voided it three times. I told her she needed to ring it up again, but she told me it was right.
Well, we get to the end of the transaction, and lo and behold, I can't use my $6.00 RR because the total was down to $1.00-something. So, no, the Flexitol wasn't rang up.

Then, my Socks RR didn't print out. I was like, hold it! but she just bulldozed on ahead, ringing up my next transaction.

The manager came to try to help with the RR I didn't get on the first transaction (this was just after 8am, no one was aware yet that the Socks RR's weren't working), but the chick was already done with my second transaction.
So since I didn't get my $3 Socks RR, I had to pay $3 oop, which ticked me off.

But it turned out okay because I had gotten a $3 Blistex RR on the first transaction, which I kept after the manager voided out the first transaction and gave me my coupons and money back, so that evened out my loss. I guess.

The manager went and tried to check on the computer to see if she could find out the problem, but there was nothing in her email, and all she could get was the thing where you mail it in and request your RR to be sent 6-8 weeks later. No thanks!

I wanted her to give me the cash, or even the credit on a gift card, but she wouldn't. I told her I drove almost 30 miles to get there and couldn't just keep running back down there everyday, and by the time I get to come back they will be all gone. So she put my socks in a basket and put my name and phone number on them, to hold until I can get back to get them after the RRs start working.

I rolled the remaining $6.00 RR on another thing of Felxitol and Blitex, buying (6) Dentynes to get $1.01 overage to get my total down.

Transaction 1: +$3.00 Blistex RR
Transaction 2: -5.00 RR -3.58 Cash + $3.00 Blistex RR + $5.00 Flexitol RR
Transaction 3: -5.00 RR - .35 Cash + $5.00 Flexitol RR
Transaction 4: -6.00 RR - 1.65 Cash + $5.00 Flexitol RR + $3.00 Blistex RR

Final Total: $2.42 cost (Sucks, but would have been fine if I had been able to get the socks, they were the only thing I really even wanted)

So then, later, I was shopping in another town, and checked the forums to see maybe the socks RR's had gotten fixed yet..and saw the OralB hidden (or mistaken) deal. Except I apparently didn't see the whole deal, and mine didn't work out. So I'm going to take that back...tomorrow I guess.
I will read up the deal before I try it again.

Otherwise, when I walked in the store, I was only going to try the OralB deal, but as I walked past the cashier I asked if their RR's were printing for the socks, and she said no, but the manager will put it on a gift card if you want to do that.
If I want to do that?? Does a bear sh... Uh, yeah, I want to do that.

So I got a pair of the socks for $0.21 tax.

She would only let me do it once, though, even though I complained that I have to drive so far to come there, and the other Wags I visits lets me do four transactions, one for each member in my family.
They are always worried about the "other customers" not getting anything. That always makes me feel low when they say that, like I'm not valued as a customer.
Alot of people go in every day of the week. I go once a week, usually. I don't think four transactions is asking too much.

BTW, it's not true my other Wags limits me to four, I just made that up to try to get her to go along with it.
I do usually limit myself to four, though, because there is another Wags three minutes away that I also visit, so between the two stores I usually get plenty.


Earthy Mama said...

The Oral B was a deal where when you spend $9, you got a $3rr, then the one kind was producing a $2rr, so if you use the bogoq and the $.75/1 q and buy two for $4.24 (sale price $.99), youd get a $3 and a $2rr.

I bought 12 pairs of socks and, of course didn't get any rr's (my store had a TON of socks!)so the Mgr said I could come in on Wednesday (the next day she works) and she will ring them up so I can get my rr's then do post voids on the transactions.

Melissa said...

Your Manager is cool. Mine are...nice (mostly)...but clueless.