Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rite Aid

My Return to Rite Aid
Looks like I haven't been shopping at Rite Aid on over a month. Silly as it sounds, I think that new Wellness card threw me off kilter so bad.

Amazingly, I didn't screw up majorly today.
Well, that's not exactly true. I did mess up, but it thankfully worked out okay in the end.

I had a few Rite Aid shops planned for this week involving the Free Mousepads (ask me if you need to know), but never did get around to doing those up.
So I was left scrambling this morning looking for deals to couple with the Sunglasses sale to get me to $20 so I could use my $5/$20 coupon.

The first store I found a pair of Style Science sunglasses priced at $9.99, and Physician's Formula EyeLiner at $6.95/$3.47 (Bogo50% sale).
That left me enough to get a jug of milk and a tuna/cracker snack thing.

It being an "outside the metro area" store, I didn't think the sunglasses were on sale at this store for $12.99 price. I checked the ad but couldn't see it (doesn't mean it wasn't there, though).
Well the sunglasses I got weren't on sale, but the Wellness card took 20% - or $2.00 - off the price.

Not to mention .60 off the milk, and .38 off the tuna/crackers snack.

Altogether which put me in the negative almost $2.00.
The cashier was trying to scan the $10 sunglasses coupon, which of course wouldn't work since my total was at $8.37 then. She was fixing to call the manager to come void and try re-scanning the coupons in a different order, because she hadn't scanned the $5/$20 first. I told her the order didn't matter, the problem was the total was at eight dollars, so I would get another jug of milk and that should fix it.
I was afraid she would get me on the sunglasses being 7.99, and my coupon 10.00 , but she didn't, thankfully.

Final total was -.30 + 1.96 tax = .83 from RA gift card

For some crazy reason, even though I knew I was going to do two Rite Shops, I only printed two of the $5.00 Physicians Formula coupons, rather than four, as I needed.
So the next Rite Aid I stopped in, I had to come up with another way to accomplish my goal (which wouldn't be a problem for most people, but I don't generally think too well on my feet, ye knows).

I did find the Style Science sunglasses at $12.99 at this store. After the $10 video values coupon, that left costing me 2.99.
Well, I had $2 MQs and $1 Vv q's for Stayfree, which were on sale for $1.99 this week. IF they took all the q's, it'd give me $2.02 overage on two packages to knock off on the sg's.
This store is 50% of the time a bunch of huttboles, and I don't usually like to do "questionable" transactions there, but today I decided, oh what the heck. At the worst I pay $2.99 for the glasses, but I'm getting a $10 SCR for buying two pair anyway, so not like I'm losing.

At that point I was at owing $0.97, and still had my $5/$20 coupon, so I got a case of water priced $3.99. That left me going $0.04 in the negative, but from what I could remember it wouldn't "beep" or anything as long as I still owed tax.

Once again, I didn't count on the Wellness discount, taking .80 off the water.

My final total was -.84 + .94 tax = .10 oop Whew, that was close!

So: $0.93 cost - $10.00 SCR on sunglasses = $9.07 profit
I think that more than takes care of my spendatures at CVS and Wags, too, so I reckon everything I got today was at least FREEEEEEEEEEEE.

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