Thursday, June 17, 2010


Made a Publix run, and plan to do another tomorrow *fingers crossed*.

I had a raincheck for the Lawry's Marinades from a few weeks ago. I only wanted the Buffalo BBQ sauce.

The Bailey's, John Frieda, Vitamins, Dove and light bulbs were all overage items. You can see those and more at Brandy/Earthy Mama's Blog; I Prefer Publix.

I had the $1.50 off Starbucks No-Coffee Ice Cream, so those cost me $0.39 each. I still have a couple of coupons, but pretty sure I'll have to get rainchecks...I think the lady behind me got the rest of what I didn't.

I bought the Burritos and Ground beef using my overage. I was still $0.10 in the negative, which I could have applied to the tax, but didn't want to mess with it, so I grabbed a nanner.

Final total $0.17 + $2.32 tax = $2.49 from Publix Gift Card
Saved $87.00 (That's crazy! What I got wasn't worth nearly $90.00!!)

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