Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Food Lion

Last day for Chocolatey milk, cheese, and pasta :-(
And possibly Manwich, not that I would know, since I got there only to discover I had no more Manwich coupons.

I did two transactions, being it was the last day of the coupons. I asked the cashier if it would be okay if I did it, since she was the only one working, I wanted to make sure she wouldn't pull the One Per limit on me. She didn't have any problem with it, though, and was happy with my good bargains.  I like the cashiers that are happy for/with you getting good deals. I don't understand the ones that get hateful when you get a good deal, I guess maybe they're jealous, but why? since they can easily do the same deals.

Final Total $0.94 + .03 tax = $0.97 oop (each)

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