Monday, June 28, 2010


I stopped in at this Walgreens because I was driving past it anyway. I didn't really expect to find anything to buy, but turned out they had 3 pair of the socks! But no Blistex. I wanted to roll a socks RR into the Blistex, and then a Blistex back into the socks, but, wasn't meant to be.

Even though they had three pair of the socks, this is a store I don't visit often - in fact, rarely - because I've always had a bunch of trouble shopping there, and figured there was probably a good reason they even had socks left. So I only went for one pair of them.

Other than the socks RRs, all I had was $2.00 RRs from the OralB deal yesterday. So I got 6 packs of Dentyne gum for $1.01 overage.

I also got one bag of the dog food, and a jello as a filler because of .01 or .02 overage, blah.

Final total $0.18 + .07 tax - .08 tax = $0.17 oop
(The .07 tax that was charged was for non-food stuff, and the .08 tax that was credited was for food stuff. They used to charge no tax whatsoever, which I could never figure out how they did that. I've heard of stores just not charging tax...maybe...but paying me tax? I don't understand - but I ain't complaining!!!)

Hot much?
This was at 7:00 this evening - after it had already cooled down some.


Cheap&Sweet said...

Really Weird tax situation they got going on. I noticed on a foodlion receipt my total was .07¢ they did not charge me any tax, but now that I think about it was under 10¢ so I dont guess if its less than a penny they could charge me.

It has been so hot here I dont want to go out after 9am the air in my car dosent get cool after it hits 90 something degrees,lol

Melissa said...

Whew, yeah, I can't imagine being out in this heat without good working a/c in the car.

I'm actually okay outside in the open, cold-natured(hearted) person that I am. I'm still parking towards the end of the parking lot and walking to the store to get some excersize. But it's the car that gets so hot, I feel like I'm crawling into an oven and baking like a turkey, lol.