Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rite Aid

I made it out this morning to get my papers, and planned to do three or four Rite Aid Shops while I was out and going. But then my husband called and said his mom needed some help filling out some papers so I had to go over there. Then I didn't feel like shopping anymore, so I came home to eat bacon and cookies and go to bed.

I bought the Blink drops at $7.99 - 2.00 IP coupon []
and the Gillette Proglide at $9.99 - 4.00 MQ from today's P&G

then I wanted to try the new +UP thing so I got two of the Old Spice Body Wash on sale for 2/$7.00, and I had a BOGO MQ from the 4/18 SS (I think).

I found the OS BWs on the shelf, with a couple of the sale tags stuck on, they were all $4.99, so I picked a couple bottles, and they didn't ring up on sale. He said I got the wrong ones, the ones I got weren't Red Zone. Ok, we went back and got the bottles that said Red Zone (that look just like the bottles I had gotten, but just didn't say Red Zone at the top). Well, the ones that said Red Zone didn't ring up one sale, either. So he price modified them. But then the $4.00 +UP thing didn't print out.
The Manager came and said I still had the wrong ones, it was only Old Spice - Red Zone - Aquasomething.
The boy went and got the tag stuck to the shelf that said ANY Red Zone.
I offered to get whatever she said it specified, but she just gave me $4.00 in cash.
So, I still don't know about the +UP thing. Gahhh.

Total before coupons $24.98, total after coupons $10.48 + $1.40 tax = $11.88 from Gift Card

Rec'd: $4.00 +UP/Cash
SCRs: $7.99 Blink, $5.00 Proglide

Final total $6.51 profit

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