Thursday, June 17, 2010


I had (2) $10/$10 coupons for JCPenney that came in the mail (one from my MIL's). They are having a sale on men's cargo shorts for $9.99...Johnny's about ruined all his so I wanted to get him a new pair or two of those. But since the coupon required an at aleast $10.00 purchase, I knew I'd have to find something else to buy also. Usually I can find a pair of panties on clearance for a dollar or so.

While I was walking around looking for the cheapest something else to buy, a clerk started piling clothes on a rack and said "All these is $3.97". Well, alllllright!

The Sequined Hoodie was originally $44.00; Skinny Zipper Jeans was originally $50.00; and the BB Tiedye Skiny Jean was originally $58.00. *Eek!*

After clearance and $10.00 coupon, I paid $1.91 + .13 tax = $2.04 oop
Total savings $150.09
Then I left and went to Kohl's and Target across the street, and returned later to use my other coupon. I don't know if they would have said anything if I'd tried to use them at the same time, but why bother with it when it was as easy to go and come back later.

This time I got J a pair of the Cargo shorts, and I had found a pair of panties on clearance for $2.99, but as I had just bought (3) pair on clearance at Kohl's for .70 each, and I figured if I was going to spend that much, might as well spend another dollar and get another pair of pants. The pants was more worth the $4.00 than the panties was $3.00, IMHO.

The Arizona Cargo shorts were originally $36.00; and the Belted JN-Black were originally $40.00.

I paid $3.96 + .28 tax = $4.24
Total Saved $72.04

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Earthy Mama said...

Wow!!! Those clothing deals are amazing!! I always forget to use those before they expire :(