Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Food Lion

First store shop went great. Paid $0.92 including tax.

(4) Mayo
(1) Sandwich Mayo
= $10.00
-5.00 Promo
-2.00/2 x 2 Kraft Mayo
-1.00 Sandwich Mayo Publix q
= $0.00

(2) Smuckers
(3) Cool Whip
= $6.34
-5.00 Promo
-$1.67 Smuckers MQ IP
-.40/2 Cool Whip MQ 6/27(.20/2 doubled)
= +0.73 overage

$2.00 Strawberries
-1.00 Strawberries wyb Cool Whip

$2.07 Capri Sun
-2.00 FLip
= $0.07

$2.99 4C Mix
$2.99 4C Mix
-4.79 BOGO Q
-1.00 MQ
= $0.19

Second store was already sold out of the Sandwich mayo which threw my deal off. I guess by tomorrow they'll be out of Cool Whip and Smuckers, and if it's like the triple-coupon sales, won't be no more in stick until next Wednesday. Blah.
Paid $0.88 including tax.

(4) Smuckers
(1) Cool Whip
(5) Mayo
Capri Sun

*Forgot to mention, I got a $3/$25 OYNO Cat. YaY!

Forgot to show you my flowers.
As I was checking out, an employee came up carrying a large pot of bundles of flowers, and he pulls one out and hands it to me, saying Here you go, ma'am.  He gave some other ladies the other bundles. Cool! Usually I would have been the fourth lady back and not got any.

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