Sunday, June 27, 2010

Walgreens, Again

So I went to check out the Oral B deal, and found out two things; (1) the Socks RR was working, and (2) the Oral B deal ends today. 7:30 at night I jump in my car and drive back to my regular Wags stores.
(I did call first. The one I shop at most, that was holding my socks, said Nope, call back Tuesday. So called the one across towna nd they said Yep, and yep they had some in stock. She didn't say it was only two pairs.)

At the first store I used $5.00 Flexitol RRs to buy (2) Oral B TBs, and a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips on clearance for $0.82.
I also bought (5) bags of Purina One dog/cat food at $1.99 each. In this week's 6/27 SS (or RP?) there is a $2.00 off Any Size Any Variety. I told the cashier she would either have to charge me $2.00, or enter the coupon for $1.99.  But she scanned them and they all worked. Don't know why.
At the other Walgreens, they all didn't work, the last one beeped, so she entered it for $1.94.

Also bought (3) Dentyne's
Sale $1.98/3
-1.00 MQ from ? insert
- .99 IVE from July booklet
= +.01 overage
(I could have bought 6 and got $1.01 overage, but it was late and I was in a big hurry and didn't want to have to figure out what to spend the $1.01 on. Sad, I know)

Anyway, got the $2.00 and $3.00 RRs for the OralB, and then I bought the Socks with the $3.00 RR.

When I got to the other Walgreens, where my Socks were being held, I used the $2.00 OralB and $3.00 Socks RRs to roll on the Flexitol (and had to buy a cheap jello for filler).

Then I used my $5.00 Flexitol RR to buy OralB and a Wags soda as a filler.
Also bought (6) more bags of cat food - all the coupons I had left - but they didn't have the dog food, so I still have (6) coupons for the dog food.

As I was shopping, the manager (whom I don't like) pointed (at my socks) and said the RR's for those still ain't printing. I said they are at (the other) store. She said well, she had just tried, and as of 10 minutes ago, they weren't. I asked if she needed to reset her system or anything, because they were reporting on the internet that the RR's were working as of five pm this afternoon. She said they didn't have to do anything, it was Corporate handled all that. I said, oh well, I guess we'll see, and she told me to be sure and do them one at a time to avoid all those voids. Huh?

I used the $3.00 from the OralB's I had just bought, and from the Blistex I had bought earlier in the day.
RR's printed out with no problemo.


Earthy Mama said...

oooh- thanks for the heads-up on the dog/cat food! I need that! I hope my store has them!! :)

Earthy Mama said...

BAH! I didn't get that coupon in my inserts, boohoo

Melissa said...

Ugh, that totally sucks.