Monday, June 28, 2010


I hadn't really intended to go into the first Publix I went into, but my car somehow drove me there anyway.
I was looking for Smart Savings coupon books, and if they had that, the Better'n Eggs, and Smart Balance milk (or rainchecks).
This store keeps coupon books and flyers behind the counter and gives them out one a time, so I was able to get a Smart coupon book.

Because of my feeble mind, I had forgotten that I had already cut out the $1/2 MQ for the Better'n Eggs the other day and had thrown them into my Publix coupon bag. So when I went to look for the coupons again, in the insert, I had thought we didn't get them.
Ok, I thought, well, with the $1.00 from the Smart coupon book and the Yellow Flyer BOGO coupon is taking off $2.50 instead of $2.00, that only leaves me paying $0.50/2, which isn't bad, and can be paid for with overage.
Trouble was, I went and looked for overage stuff use in looking for the stuff to buy if there's no overage to pay for it with, right? So I had overage stuff, and then they didn't have any Better'n Eggs.
So, I bought a pack of ground beef with it.

They had a crapload of Hydro shaving gel today, so I got two. Had coupns for more, but didn't want to call attention to myself.

Also got one of the mayo's. I intended to save these to buy at another store, where I can use a $5/$20 RA q. Don't know why I bought this one today.

They didn't have any Smart milk, so I got rainchecks, but now that I'm thinking about it, I think I got too many rainchecks, so if anyone needs any extra I have at least one extra, and planned to get a couple more tomorrow, too.

Even with what little I got, I had a bit of trouble checking out. First she said I could only use one of the green flyer coupons for the Hydro. Then she said the razors were "on sale" for .99, and I had a $2.00 coupon, and she could only "give me" .99. I asked her when they stopped giving overage on manufacturer's coupons, and she said "We never have". So I knew right there she didn't know what she was talking about.

I told her she needed to call a manager over. She said okay, she would, then proceeded to continue scanning my coupons. I told her she might need to call the manager on over, because if they weren't giving overage, I wasn't buying anything. She said okay, but then continued on what she was doing.
Then I said she should take one of the shaving creams off and she was like why? you got two, didn't you? and was looking at my manufacturer's coupons. I said yes, but you won't let me use this one, showing her the green flyer coupon she had given back to me. Then she was like, yes you can, you can use two coupons, a Publix coupon, and a manufacturer's coupon. So she took and entered it...after she had just said I couldn't use but one per transaction!!

I had more q's than items so she had to get the manager then because the register got stuck. So the manager came and put in her code and started scanning the rest of my coupons, which was the $2.00 Shick coupons. The cashier asked her then if she needed to put those in at .99 and the manager told her "No". Not, "No, we always give the overage on manufacturer coupon because store gets reimbursed the full amount and we love our customers better than Walgreens or CVS does"...So a missed training opportunity.
Maybe I'll call the SM tomorrow and mention it to him. I haven't been a PITA to him in a good long while (since I found a better store to shop at anyway).

Final Total -.30 + 1.04 tax = $0.74 from gift card

The next store I stopped in is in a ritzy-type neighborhood and there's not very many coupon shoppers that goes there. But enough couponers that bought up all the Smart milk, so I got a couple rainchecks on that.

They had alot of the Smart coupon books, I got like 6 coming in and 4 or 5 more going out. They still had plenty, plenty left. Also got a couple pages of the P&G stuff Publix coupons. It expires Wednesday; I don't know if there's any deals to be had using those q's or not. Also found some .55 off Kraft Salad dressing and .55 off Wishbone dressing.  Those will double at my Food Lions now.

This store had the Better'n Eggs, so this was when I ended up finding my MQ's in the bottom of my bag. That made me happy. Between them and the vitamins I got a package of cube steak and a banana for (almost) free.

I had forgotten to get a green flyer Vitamin coupon, which I didn't even realize until my transaction total came up to over $6.00!! EEEP!

Thing is, what I got, 2 things of vitamins, 2 things of Better'n Eggs, cube steak and a banana....MAYBE worth $6.00 BEFORE coupons. Certainly not AFTER.
But the lady in line behind me was all like, oh you did great!!  I said not so great, I forgot a coupon.

A freaking SIX DOLLAR coupon! My grand total was $6.68 including tax. Had I not forgot that big coupon, she would have seen what doing great really is.

I can't believe she thought $6.68 was good for what I had bought. But it was funny, and made me feel better about making a mistake (I don't make mistakes well).
I just paid and went and got a flyer and went to the customer service desk and she gave me six bucks, no problem.

Final Total $0.04 + .64 tax = $.68 from gift card (actually $6.68 from gift card, and $6.00 cash back)

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