Monday, June 28, 2010

Rite Aid

Shopped at three more Rite Aids, but did two transactions at two of them, for a total of five shops.

The first store didn't carry the sunglasses, so I got
$8.99 Coppertone
$2.19 TP
$0.00 TP BOGO Sale
$3.99 Carefree x 3
$0.00 Carefree x 3 BOGO Sale
$0.50 Candybar

-5.00/20.00 Vv q
-2.00 Coppertone in-ad q
-3.00 Coppertone Vv q
-1.00 Coppertone IP MQ
-3.99 Carefree BOGO MQ x 3

Final Total $0.17 + 1.67 tax = $1.84 from gift card

This next deal was a small money-maker, but hey, money is money, and free stuff is free stuff, right.
Before I left the house I was reminded that there were other $/$$ coupons in addition to the $5/$20, so I figured if I used a different one of those coupons, they wouldn't say anything if I did more than one trans at a store. I'm thinking they wouldn't have anyway, they were all good about just scanning everything I had today, but best to not test fate.

$5.99 Venus Tropical Disp Razors
$5.49 Clearsil pad/wipes things
$6.49 Veet
$3.99 Carefree
$0.00 Carefree BOGO Sale
$0.99 Yoohoo drinks

-5.00/20.00 Vv q
-2.00 Venus MQ 6/06 PG (I think)
-3.00 Clearasil in-ad q
-3.00 Clearasil Vv q
-3.00 Veet in-ad q
-3.00 Veet Vv q
-3.99 Carefree

Final total -.04 + 1.04 tax = $1.00 from gift card
Got $2.00 +UP for Venus = $1.00 profit (and all that stuff free)

There were other MQs for the Clearasil, and possibly the Veet, that I didn't have, so if you have those q's, you could get more free, maybe some SCR item or another +UP item (not Venus).

The other shop I did at this store I got the sunglasses and used the overage to buy the last two Banana Boat sticks I needed to complete a skincare deal (I might do that again, I have two more days, lol), and another Coppertone, and a couple more packs of TP. Can't have enough TP.

Final Total $0.15 + 1.69 tax = $1.84 from gift card

At the last store, I don't know what happened, I seemed to have went suddenly brain-dead or something. I have a hard time with numbers and figures anyway, so I have to write down everything and use a calculator to add/subtract....but when the numbers quit adding up even when I'm doing that, well, I just don't know what to think.

The first order I bought the sunglasses, a Coppertone, and got the Venus razors with the rest of the overage. Still had a $1.04 left, so I got a couple bags of the lifesavers on sale for .99 each, and I had a $1.00/2 coupon.
At first I tried getting away with getting gummy-sour lifesavers, because we like gummy-sour candy, and not hard lifesavers or mints. But the stupid coupon beeped "Matching item not found" or some such, which made the lady read the coupon and she decided I had got the wrong thing. So I went back andgot the hard candies, and the coupon still beeped as item not found. So she typed it in manually then.
After I was done, I asked to do an exchange on the lifesavers and she told me "No".

Final total -.06 + 1.95 tax = $1.89 from gift card
Rec'd $2.00 +UP Venus = $0.11 profit

Well it took me until now to realize what happened with the last order. I added, added, and re-added, and it didn't make a bit of sense.
I see now my $3.00/2 John Frieda tearpad coupon only rang as $1.00 instead. How stupid is that??

Oh well. I still made a profit, can't complain too much. But I'll be watching this one more closely next time!

Final total $2.50 + 1.61 tax = $4.11 from gift card
Rec'd $10.00 +UP = $5.89 profit


Earthy Mama said...

oooh I heard about those tearpad q's ringing up wrong. :(

Melissa said...

I didn't :(

I didn't even know I had them until today, I found them while I was digging around in a ziplock bag I had stuffed a bunch of coupons in...thinking I would remember what ones were in there???
I was excited. It's $2.00 less than if I had the $2.00/1, but since I'm using overage to pay anyway, the $10 is still all profit anyway.

Guess I'll have to hunt down topics about it and see what other people were able to do about it. I'm not sure if I can get these people to enter $3.00 manually.

Cheap&Sweet said...

You make me really want to shop at right aid. I think I might start soon, But I have no coupons havent bought any in at least a month and a half! Although Someone gave me a bunch today! I was so excited ! I really need to get some of that sunscreen.

Melissa said...

For the Coppertone I'm using and in-ad coupon, a video values coupon, and an IP coupon, so you don't even really need to have any boughten (is that a word?) coupons.

For the Banana Boat sticks I'm using video values coupons only.

I'm paying for the remainder cost with overage from the sunglasses, but that coupon expires Wed, or if you can't find the sunglasses, you could use the in-ad coupon with the video values coupon for Clearacil and Veet to get you up to the $20 amount and then be able to use a $/$$ to pay for the rest of the sunblock cost.

That all depends on if you can use more than one video values or in-ad coupons in a transaction.
And if you can do several transactions before the end of the week.