Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rite Aid

Started out doing fine, doing three more Rite Aid shops. Then all of a sudden I got shot down, over the Stayfree Video Value coupons of all things. They wanted to quote "Policy". I said that my balance wouldn't go below zero, but they argued it was the item that couldn't go below zero.
I was told I could choose which coupon I wanted to use, the BOGO, or the video values. I said no, you can choose, a $40.00 sale, or nothing. They picked nothing. "Sorry"
They will be sorry when their sales figures come in and their numbers are less than other stores. And they can't tell me their sales won't be less, because they had stock of Stayfree and John Frieda when the other stores didn't. So, no they aren't selling the amounts the other stores are.

I know it's "Policy", and I'm okay with following policy, when it makes sense. In this case, it don't. Rite Aid gets reimbursed for all the coupons except the $5/$20-$25 coupon.
My totals before coupons are generally between $30.00 and $50.00 each, because I use the coupon overage to "buy" other stuff.
What matters if I pay cash, or the coupons pay for it?

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