Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rite Aid, Walgreens, UBS

Rite Aid
Went Rite-Aid'ing today; 3 stores/3 shops:

1st Shop: I messed up because I was figuring on a 20% discount for using my wellness card and guess what; no discount. WTH?
So the Darice mosiac craft thingys that were supposed to be a small mm after SCR won't really be now :-(

$2.29 Darice Mosiac Craft (1.83 if wellness works)
$2.29 Darice Mosiac Craft (1.83 if wellness works)
$2.89 Neutrogenia Soap bar (2.31 if wellness worked)
$3.99 Reach Ultra Care Floss (3.19 if wellness worked)
$7.00/2 Old Spice Red Zone Body Wash (Sale price; no wellness)
$4.99 John Frieda Root Awakening (Sale price; no wellness)
= $23.45

-$5/$20 RA Vv q
-3.00 Neurogenia in-ad q
-3.50 Old Spice BOGO MQ (4/18 SS maybe?)
-4.00 +UP coupon
-3.00 John Frieda MQ 6/6 SS?
-1.00 Reach Floss MQ Tearpad
= $3.95 + 1.08 tax = $4.84 from Gift Card

Rec'd $4.00 +UP coupon
SCRs $1.00 John Frieda, $3.00 Reach, $4.00 Darice

Final Total $7.16 profit (right?)

2nd Shop:I used a different wellness card this time, which I thought was as new as the other card I had use prior...got them about the same time...so I didn't count on a discount this time, but viola', got one anyway. Had to grab a jug of milk to make up the difference. Then the $4.00 +UP coupon wouldn't work...they decided it was because it said "excludes sales tax", so I got the loafa bread, and it still said I didn't have enough, even though I did, so they entered it manually.

$7.19 Schick Hydro 3 (Reg. $8.99 before 20% wellness)
$7.19 Schick Hydro 3 (Reg. $8.99 before 20% wellness)
$2.31 Neutrogenia Soap (Reg. $2.89 before wellness)
$7.00/2 Old Spice RZ BW (Sale price, no disc)
$2.39 Milk ($2.99 before disc.)
$1.43 Bread ($1.59 before disc.)
= $27.51

-5.00 Schick MQ (?insert?) x 2
-1.00 Schick Vv x 2
-3.00 Neutorgena Soap in-ad q
-3.50 Old Spice BOGO MQ (4/18?)
-4.00 +UP q
= $0.01 + .93 tax = $0.94 from gift card

Rec'd $4.00 +UP

Final Total $3.06 profit (am I right counting this as profit, since I spent the $4.00 to start with? aren't I just breaking even? Ugh, I'm so confused)

3rd Shop:Because the chick at the last RA told me I was at the level where I earned 20% everyday on that card, I knew to plan for the discount at my last store using the same card....or so I thought.
For some reason, I figured the discount on the "items" I was buying, but forgot to on the "fillers" I was buying. Duh.
Also, my $4.00 +UP coupon didn't work here, either. I knew it didn't show on the screen when she scanned it, and I asked and she said "Yes, it worked". Well then my total was too high, but she couldn't go back and look at what had worked or didn't, so I had to pay and look at the reciept afterwards, and sure enough, the +UP coupon hadn't come off.
Bad thing is, this is a Shift Supervisor. A new cashier working there today was standing there watching and when I said, my total is too high, the new lady asked the SS, how do you be able to go back and look and see if something like that came off or not? And the SS said "I don't really know".

Anyway, she goes back and tries to enter the +UP coupon as post coupon, but it keeps saying the same thing as at the last RA "Must be $4.00 or more". She tried two or three times, but eventually she "was sorry", and gave it back to me.

$7.19 Schick Hydro 3 (Reg. $8.99 before 20% wellness)
$7.19 Schick Hydro 3 (Reg. $8.99 before 20% wellness)
$2.31 Neutrogenia Soap (Reg. $2.89 before wellness)
$7.00/2 Old Spice RZ BW (Sale price, no disc)
$2.99 case of water (Sale price, no disc)
$0.79 3pk. Yoo-Hoo drinks (Reg. $.99)
= $27.47

-5.00 Schick MQ (?insert?) x 2
-1.00 Schick Vv x 2
-3.00 Neutorgena Soap in-ad q
-3.50 Old Spice BOGO MQ (4/18?)
= $3.97 + 1.21 tax = $5.26 from gift card (Even though the final total was $3.97, that didn't have anything to do with the $4.00 +UP not working, because she scanned it before all the MQs, so the total would have been well over $4.00 at that point.)

Rec'd $4.00 +UP

Final Total: Heck I don't know


So here's what happened...Sunday afternoon my hubby had gone fishing and I was hanging around the house alternating between messing with coupon stuff, reading, and listening to the tv some. So then I see "Hoarding: Buried Alive" comes on tv...I sometimes like to watch that show when I need a kick in the pants to get to getting rid of some stuff around here.
So this day, one of the ladies is working on going through some books, and she kept saying "Keep, keep, keep". Well, that's what I'd always, too, until my all my books ended up needing a bigger bedroom than I did!

Not too long ago, well about a month, or two, I guess, when I looking to re-read my Johanna Lindsey books and found about half of them missing from my bookshelf, I went through alot of my books then, looking for the missing ones. When I didn't find them, I grabbed a couple of bags of books I didn't figure I'd care to read again and headed off to the UBS to trade for the ones I wanted.
Back then I told myself I was going to get back upstairs and go through them for real and scale my book collections down to just a few of the authors I like best.

So "Hoarding" inspired me Sunday, and I went up and got through the bags of books I'd been stacking in the hallway at the top of the stairs, to eventually sort, group, read, keep, or get rid of.

I ended up with 4 bags of traders, and 4 bags of get-rid-of'ers: no good for trading because too old, or non-fiction, tore up, or hardback, which my UBS don't take. The hardbacks I donate to the local library and the rest goes to the thrift store. All tax-deductible.

I only carried 2 of the bags of traders with me today; I don't like to overwhelm them with too many all at once. I got a $64 and change trade credit. Not too shabby!

Alot of the books I kept were books by favorite authors whose books I had many of, but not all, because I could never remember which ones I had, or which ones I needed. So finally I printed off lists of books by authors, marked off the ones I already had, and was able to have a list of ones to look for today. I don't know know how many I ended up getting, a bag full, and spent $49 and some change of my credit.

But I also spent $23 something in cash buying some books, because they were of the *spicy* variety, and not eligible for paying with credit.
But I figure, I don't smoke or drink - well, except Coke, and I've been using drug store money to pay for those - I don't buy purses or shoes (except occaisionally at yard sales or thrift stores), I buy my clothes during the .50 cent clothing sale at the thrift store....so if I want to indulge a little bit in something I enjoy, why not.

The other books, Janet Evanovich hardbacks, I do feel a pinch of guilt over, but I talk myself out of it pretty easily. I love, love, love the Stephanie Plum books, and used to buy them at the full-Walmart-discount price of around $16.00 as soon as they hit the shelf. I did quit doing that, and either put my name on the list at the library, or just waited until I found them at a library or yard sale or something.
Well, last week I saw these in the 2/$10 rack at Walgreens, which is a really, really great price if you love these books as much as I do.
But, on the other hand, I knew they probably weren't going anywhere fast - I've seen the same books...not these same ones, but other same ones...in the rack for weeks and weeks and weeks. I guess people around here just don't read, or don't get their books at Walgreens anyway.
So, last week, I said I was going to wait for some money-maker items to go on sale, and then I'd use the overage to buy the books.
But, I couldn't wait. So I popped the $10 RRs for them today.

I'm down to $7.50 RRs. I know there's mm Nivea body wash next week, but I hope there's something else, too, so I can roll, or I'm going to end up spending cash again. Argh, nooooooo!

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